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David R. Stampf

Sr. Technology Architect


  • BS in Applied Mathematics, New York University
  • MS in Applied Mathematics, Stony Brook University
  • MS in Computer Science, Polytechnic University
  • MS in Astronomy, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Areas of Interest

I am interested in programming in a scientific/educational environment, both in the areas of High Performance Computing and in User Interface.


  • 1974 - Present, Brookhaven National Lab. I've worked as an application programmer, systems programmer, network programmer, network designer, project manager for the Protein Data Bank, worked with the ARM database team at BNL, ported the Objectivity Object Database Management System to Linux for RHIC, for worked with international teams in Moscow, Russia and Vienna, Austria to support the safeguarding of nuclear material, assisted in the management of the Bluegene supercomputers and I'm currently working with porting codes to GPU systems.
  • 1980 - Present, SUNY Suffolk Community College. Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, currently teaching Java programming and Android programming classes in alternate semesters. Have also taught C/C++/Unix/Java classes at BNL, Grumman, Robotic Visions and other smaller NY companies on Long Island.
  • 2013, Published an educational app for the iPad on the Apple Store. Working on more!