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GARS Research Operations Office


To improve operational ESSH across the Global and Regional Solutions (GARS) Directorate through a single, integrated organizational unit that provides guidance, oversight, direction, and coordination in the implementation of Laboratory policy on:

  • Health and Safety Requirements
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Radiological Protection
  • Integrated Safety Management
  • Work Planning & Control for Experiments and Programmatic Operations
  • Infrastructure Improvement & Management
  • Training
  • New Employees, Guests, Students, and Visitors
  • Self Assessment
  • ROCO - Cognizant Space Manager (CSM) Research Space Manager (RSM), & Facility Hazard Assessment

Environment, Safety, and Health

GARS manages the Environment Safety & Health (ES&H) aspects of its operations and activities by maintaining an Environmental Management System in conformance with ISO Standard 14001, and an Occupational Safety & Health System in conformance with OHSAS Standard 18001. Work is conducted in compliance with these management systems and with the ES&H Commitments set forth in BNL's Environmental, Safety, Security, and Health Policy. DOE and BNL safety policies encompass Environment, Safety & Health as defined in Integrated Safety Management (ISM).

The Standards Based Management System (SBMS) provides the overarching rules on how to conduct work. SBMS is the mechanism BNL uses to communicate institutional policy and requirements.

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