GARS ESHQ&T Related Committees

GARS Directorate Safety Council

  • G. Stokes
  • L. Bowerman
  • P. Carr
  • R. Doty
  • K. Koebel
  • W. Horak
  • C. Kessler
  • P. Looney
  • M. Cowell
  • C. Colon
  • K. Elcess
  • C. Gortakowski
  • B. Sherwood

GARS Environment Safety and Health Committee

  • Linda Bowerman (Co-OSHMS/EMS Rep, RO)
  • Pat Carr (Co-OSHMS/EMS Rep, RO)
  • Jeanne Madaia (ESH Committee Secretary, RO)
  • Paul Philipsberg (NN)
  • Lynda Fitz (NE)
  • TBD (TT)
  • Vatsal Bhatt (ST)

GARS Tier I Inspection Team

  • Pat Carr/Linda Bowerman (ESH Coord, RO/GARS)
  • Joy Haskins (ECR, EPD)
  • Nick Contos (FS Rep, RCD)
  • Nancy Felock (SHSD Rep)
  • Building Research Space Manager/Point of Contact
  • Note: FPMs and Line Management invited and SMEs as needed.

GARS Experimental Safety Review Team

  • Linda Bowerman (Experimental Review Coordinator, RO)
  • Pat Carr/Linda Bowerman (GARS ESH)
  • Nancy Felock (SHSD Rep)
  • Joy Haskins (ECR, EPD)
  • Nick Contos (FS Rep, RCD)
  • Note: SMEs as appropriate

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