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Work Planning & Control

All work must be planned, reviewed and approved before it can begin. In GARS, this is accomplished primarily through the Experimental Safety Review (ESR) process. The ESR describes the objectives of the experiment or project and presents a safety analysis defining a safety envelope within which the work can be safely completed. The ESR Form includes necessary information that is required to provide ESH controls. For staff working on the experiment or project, the most important sections of the ESR identify the hazards and controls associated with the work.


All experimental activities must be reviewed through the Experimental Safety Review (ESR) process. Follow these steps to initiate the process:

  1. Refer to the BNL SBMS Subject Area (Work Planning & Control for Experiments and Operations) for procedure.
  2. Submit an On-Line Experimental Review Form
  3. Contact Linda Bowerman, the GARS Experimental Review Coordinator (ERC) for exceptions to the eESR.

All ESRs must be reviewed annually. The original ESR will be maintained by the ERC and Research Operations; a copy of the approved document will be sent to the PI. ESRs are available to staff working on the project in file holders in the appropriate laboratories or on-line.

New experiments or major revisions to existing ESRs must be reviewed by the Review Team.  Minor revisions to existing ESRs can be approved by the ERC. It is the responsibility of staff to ensure all work activities not covered under an experimental safety review be brought to the attention of Research Operations.

Work Permits

GARS also uses Work Permits to review work. Typically Work Permits are used if a project has a short duration, and has a more specific objective. Work Permits may be used in conjunction with ESRs. An example might be using a Work Permit for the set-up or tear-down of experimental apparatus.

Work covered under a Work Permit must also be reviewed. Refer to the BNL Subject Area (Work Planning & Control for Experiments and Operations) for procedure. Contact your Work Control Coordinator or Work Control Manager for assistance.


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