Human Resources & Occupational Medicine Division

Contact List

Note: All listed phone extensions are in the format of (631) 344-xxxx.

Human Resources

Robert Lincoln, Chief Human Resources Officer x7435
Margaret Hughes x2108    

Human Resources Generalists

Christel Colon, HR Manager - BES, GARS & EBC x8469
Donna Dowling, HR Manager - Nuclear & Particle Physics x2754
Deborah Lange, HR Manager - Support Operations x7582
Joann Williams, HR Manager - Photon Sciences x8356
Peter Esposito x2674

Talent Acquisitions & Office of Scientific Appointments

Nancy Sobrito, Manager x7996
Diana Hubert, Supervisor - Talent Acquisitions x7837
Susan Clements x2883
Rick Morales x5875
Terrence Buck x8715
Eileen Pinkston x7823
Cathleen Ostrick x2882
Janine Truitt x2431
Kathleen Hygom, Supervisor - Office of Scientific Appts. x2113
Erin Gettler x2213
Deborah Harkins x2410


Denise DiMeglio, Manager x2881
Barbara Soeyadi x7516
Melissa Bittrolff x2877
Monique Armann x5126

Employee & Labor Relations

David Allshouse, Manager x8079
Ernest Tucker x5735
Christina Mahabir x2617
Nicole Sequino x7356

Learning & Development / Tuition

Maggie Sullivan, Manager x8238
Maureen Canter x7023
Starr Munson x7631

Compensation & HRIS

Robert Kelly, Manager x3782
Joanna Hall, Manager x4410
Gail O'Hern, Supervisor - Compensation x2874
Mary McGrath x2815
Michael Fingerle x3676
Bonnie Miller, Supervisor - Employee & Guest Records x2875
Darlene Peragine x5191
Diane DiBlasi x7849
Marion Heimerle x2876

Diversity &  International Services

Shirley Kendall, Manager x3318
Rosa Palmore, Supervisor - Diversity x2703
Margaret Douglas-Miles x2078
Margie Goodsell, Supervisor - International Services x4807
Joseph Lee x2939
Christina Sanfilippo x2923
Rashmi Sinha x7663

Training & Qualifications

Terry Maugeri, Manager x5980
Jay Adams x4994
Philip Harrington x5669
Monica Jackson x7958
James Nemeth x4766
Daniel King x7368

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