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Publications 2012

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15th Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop

B. Allen et al.Seeding of the current filamentation instability for an accelerator beam in a capillary plasma
P. Muggli et al.Three regimes of relativistic beam - plasma interaction
B. O'Shea et al.Transformer ratio improvement for beam based plasma accelerators
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J. Duris et al.Preparations for a high gradient inverse free electron laser experiment at Brookhaven national laboratory
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P. Muggli et al.Three regimes of relativistic beam - plasma interaction
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M. Polyanskiy et al.Next-generation ultrafast CO2 lasers for strong-field science
Y. Sakai et al.Angular spectrum characteristics of relativistic inverse compton harmonic X-rays
S. Antipov et al.Terahertz radiation source based on self-wake beam bunching

IPAC'12, New Orleans, USA