The BNL RC Model Airplane Club Members

President -Robert E. Sikora

Robert has been at the lab for over 20 years.  He has been flying model planes for nearly 30 years.  He first started with U-Control models that he recieved as a youngster  His interest only became stronger as he moved to radio control models, which he has now been flying for 25 years.  Robert is an excellent flyer, as well as an outstanding instructor, willing to assist at any time.  Currently,  Robert is also an active member of the L.I.A.R.S. club.

The BNL Model Airplane Club has about 20 members and like all clubs some are more active than others.
We would like to introduce a few of the more active members.

Bill Lenz

Bill, who works in the Physics Dept., has been flying model airplanes for 6 years and is an accomplished 'scratch' plane builder. Bill is always willing to help new pilots and has served as the club secretary. Bill lives in Mastic and has been at the lab for over twenty years.
Lou Boyce

Lou, who has been at the lab for 7 years, has the distinction of having the largest plane at the field, a quarter scale "Stinger". Lou has been flying for 10 years. He is a excellent instructor and is always willing to help new pilots. He has taken several full scale lessons and is considering becoming a licensed pilot. His model hanger consists of twenty planes.

Andy Marone

He has been successfully flying model airplanes for the past thirty years. His love started when he was a young man of ten years old. Andy originally started flying U-control model airplanes. Andy, quickly moved Radio Control model airplanes when he was fourteen years old. Andy's primary interests in the hobby are WW I and golden age scale model airplanes. Andy has been working at the Laboratory for the past twenty years. Andy is presently the safety officer at the BERA Radio control model airplane flying field. He is also a long standing member of the The LIRCS in Baiting Hollow he has been a member of the AMA thirty years.

Meet Andy's flight Crew

On your left is Michael he has successfully soloed at eleven years years of age. Michael has become quite capable of master many of the basic skills of this hobby and is rapidly learning more advanced maneuvers On your Right is James, he has recently soloed at nine years of age, James has enjoyed the many benefits that this hobby has provided him, he also enjoys building model airplanes as much as flying them. The future of this hobby is now in good hands.
Bobby Sikora

He has been flying model airplanes since he was ten years old, Bobby's interest started to grow in this hobby when I was flying one of my models planes I handed him a transmitter and showed him how to fly model airplanes he then became hooked. Bobby's enjoys flying sport and pattern planes, pictured is his Corsair Navy fighter. Bobby will be entering into The United states Navy in 2006
Jason Smith

Jason has enjoyed this hobby for nearly thirty years Jason and his Brother Bobby would be spending most of there time with there father at the flying field every weekend flying models planes at the early age of 10 years old. Jason's interests in flying grew even stronger after many years of flying models airplanes he decided to purchased a Cessna 172 which on the weekends he now enjoys teaching pilot instructions for many of this students at the airport.
Meet Bob Smith

Bob is Jason's older brother both brothers Bob has been flying model airplanes for thirty years. just like his younger brother, Bob became acquainted in this hobby from their father who took both boys out on the weekend flying models. Bob in clearly in the expert class in his flying ability he has also started flying helicopters about ten years ago. It seem that his son Bob Jr. is now following in his foot steps



Meet Bob Smith, Jr.

Bob starter flying about a two years ago and has since soloed.  It seems that the apple does not fall far from the tree. On the weekends you can hear father and son arguing now who is the better flyer.

Bob enjoys flying pattern style planes and performing all style modeling maneuvers.


Manny Grau

Manny started out flying U-control model airplanes when he was fourteen years old. He grew up in New Your City where he started flying many of his models planes. Manny, has been a avid builder of model airplanes. Manny has enjoyed building many static model, WW II war birds. He is also the secretary of the Bera Model airplane club at the Laboratory and a long standing member of the AMA.


Meet Chris Neuman

Chris recently became involved in this hobby from a long standing interest in model airplanes. Chris has enjoyed everything about airplane modeling from building to flying his models. Chris spends much of his free time learning about this hobby. He enjoys the time he spends from building model planes to learning the history on many of the models he flies and enjoys every aspect of this modeling industry.