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Some of these images are "straight". Some have been improved by adjusting the color balance, or removing background clutter. Most of them have been heavily manipilated in the computer. I use both Aldus PhotoStyler and Adobe Photoshop. For power, Photoshop can't be beat but it is memory hungry and its user interface is very awkward. Photostyler is far friendlier and the one I go to first. Unfortunately Adobe bought out Aldus and axed Photostyler. So much for progress.

This is an almost straight image. 
The heavy overcast picked up some of the 
green and the sky looked un-natural.  I 
adjusted the color balance until the clouds
 appeared about right. It was raining when 
I took this picture, but I think it would 
have lost the feeling in bright sun.

Spirit Island, Maligne Lake, Alberta Canada. July 1995.

© Richard Witkover 1995

Aruba is a very comforatble island
 to visit. The people are among the friendliest 
in the caribbean. This island has a variety of 
textures which you can experience in a one day 
drive around its perimeter. We had just rounded 
the northern tip going counter-clockwise when we
came to this lighthouse as the sun was setting. 
The photograph is as it was taken. The wind bent
 shape on the right is a Divi-Divi tree.
Aruba Lighthouse.February 1993.© Richard Witkover 1993

One of my earliest computer enhanced images.
 Maryann was a model whom we photographed at the
Huntington Camera Club in Huntington, LI, NY. I 
was unhappy with the original photograph beacause 
the red gel used on the lights made the coloring 
un-natural and the model's beauty was lost. This 
was my attempt to cover that deficiency.
Maryann, February 1990.

© Richard Witkover 1990

This image came from two others. The pelicans 
were photographed at the boardwalk in Clearwater FL. 
The background was unusable so I cut out these 
great birds and pasted them on a nice scene of 
the Everglades (well atleast thats in Florida too).
The result was not bad but a little stiff. Then I 
passed the composite through a solarizing filter, 
adjusting the levels until I got this result.
Solarized Pelicans, April 1993.

© Richard Witkover 1993

The morning was foggy as we went to the harbor in
Juneau, Alaska. As it began to lift the sailboat 
appeared. The original photograph had a lot of 
clutter and was rather dull in tone. I vignetted
the image and increased the contrast to get this
Foggy morning in Juneau Harbor, Alaska, July 1990.
© Richard Witkover 1990

Back in the '70s, before I knew better, I used 
that film that gives both negative and slides
(WOW!). Unfortunatly the stuff was grainy and 
the processing poor so both the slides and negs
faded. I tried to salvage this one by putting 
it on a photo CD but even after changing the 
color balance it never looked right. So I 
decided to see how it would look with a BIG
color shift, at least on the background. 
Geese on Blue Meadow. Original photo 1975.
Computer enhancement 1995. © Richard Witkover 1995

Special Picture

Here is a special photo that I didn't take but I must show anyway. It is of my daughter Gail and grand-daughter Sarah, taken by my son-in-law, JIm. We should never forget the family photos, which might be the most valuable of all.