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Gay, Lesbian Or Bisexual Employees Club at Brookhaven National Laboratory


  • GLOBE has a new president! Mike Loftus is now the club president. Please direct all questions, comments, and suggestions to loftus@bnl.gov. posted 10/05/2011
  • Members of the club are working on a piece that will submitted for inclusion in the next edition of Diversity Management News which is published by BNL's Diversity Office. posted 10/05/2011
  • On the first Thursday of every month starting November 3rd, LGBT employees are invited to join GLOBE members for lunch at Berkner Hall. For additional information please contact Mike Loftus. posted 10/06/2011

  • About

    Originally founded in order to expand and protect the rights and benefits for LGBT employees and guests at the laboratory, GLOBE now also organizes various social events and cultural programs such as guest speakers and on-site activities. You can read about the accomplishments of the group on the About page. Furthemore, information about LGBT rights and benefits at BNL can be found on the LGBT at BNL page. To join the group simply sign up for our mailing list.

            GLOBE's mission

    • Advocate LGBT equality at the lab
    • Sponsor educational and cultural programs on LGBT issues
    • Serve as a liaison between LGBT employees and Laboratory management
    • Foster a work environment that is inclusive and supportive of LGBT employees
    • Promote a sense of community among our members

    Contact us

    Questions, comments, and suggestions should be directed to the GLOBE President, Mike Loftus, at loftus@bnl.gov. Also we encourage you to register for the mailing list to be sure you are informed about all GLOBE activites.

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