We are very pleased to inform you that thanks to your generous support during the Diwali function on November 19, 2005, BERA-IAA has been able to donate $575 to American Red cross.

Details of these donations are available at our website at :


This website and our new e-mail address (bera-iaa@bnl.gov) will be the primary source of communication and latest information on future activities. The website also contains photos and your opinions on this function. If you would like to share yours, please send them by e-mail.

BERA-IAA, in its prior announcements, has mentioned that 10% of the fund collected by the distribution of  Priyanka Tope's CD will go to red-cross. However, as mentioned in the website (www.priyankatope.com)  rest of the proceeds will also go to other reputable charities. Tope family is offering full refunds to the donations made during the function in connection to receiving these CDs to eliminate possibility of any misunderstanding.

All in all, about 400 people (adults, children and kids under five) attended the function. We are glad that those who attended were very pleased with it (click here to see opinions). A smooth functioning of an event of such a magnitude would not have been possible without the help of number of people (members and non-members) in both careful planning and professional execution of various aspects of that plan. We are very pleased with a very cordial working atmosphere we had, as expected from the spirit of Diwali, and would like to see that to continue in future.

Ramesh Gupta, President

Shailendra Chouhan, Secretary

Sharadha Sambasivan, Treasurer

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