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Namaste! BERA Indo American Association (BERA-IAA) requests the honor of your presence at its annual Diwali Function (click here for directions) on Saturday November 4th, 2006 starting @ 2:30 p.m. at Berkner Hall in Brookhaven National Laboratory. We are thankful to have received a large number of exciting contributions of dances, music, etc. and have invited some good artists. We are looking forward to an evening you do not want to miss. And yeah, food will be great too!


Ramesh Gupta, President, gupta@bnl.gov , (631)344-4805

Sharadha Sambasivan, Secretary, sharadha@bnl.gov , (631)580-3104

Saroj Kandasamy, Treasurer, saroj@bnl.gov , (631)344-7545


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Click here for detailed information about Diwali 2006 function, how to attend and how to perform.



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