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If you love soccer (Association Football), then welcome to the home page of the BNL Soccer Club! We have both recreational and competitive soccer here at BNL.

Recreational Soccer

Recreational soccer is basically pick up games at lunch. No teams are permanent. Sides are chosen before the game, and we try to keep them even because close games are more fun. If it gets too one sided we adjust the sides. We play dark shirts vs white shirts or shirts vs skins (when it's warn). All outdoor play is at the BERA Soccer Field, located at the east end of Brookhaven Avenue.

Games are 4 v 4 up to 11 v 11 with small goals and simplified rules.

Spring/Summer/Fall - During the summer season, the Soccer Club members meet every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at noon on the soccer field of the BERA recreation area. The number of players range anywhere from 8 to 22, dependent on the weather (some play in all weather). If we have less than 18 players, we play short field, small goals (approximately 2 m by 1 m). Everyone takes turns in the goal. Goalkeepers may not use his/her hands. With more than 18 players, we may play full field, full goals. Goalkeepers may use his/her hands when we play full field. 

Winter - During the winter season (usually determined by the changing of the clock to/from EST) the gym is reserved for the soccer club on Tuesdays at noon and Fridays at 5pm. We play full gym (no out of bounds), small goals. Everyone takes turns in the goal. Goalkeeper can not use his/her hands. For safety reasons, ball can not be played higher than people's heads, and no head balls allowed. All offensive direct kicks are taken from the corners. We play up to 6 a side, if we have more than 12 players, we rotate in every 10 minutes. Sometimes it gets crowded, so we are kicking around the idea of starting a small league to schedule times and avoid crowds. 

Club Officers


Competitive Soccer

Although there is no organized competitive play within the BERA Soccer Club, a number of the club members play on the Brookhaven team the a Suffolk County Men's over 30 league.  Games are on Sunday's (late afternoon). The BERA soccer field is used as the home field.

The team won the 1996 Division I Championship and the 1997-98 Division II Championship. We also won the Cup Tournament in 1994. The team currently plays in Division I. The team finished the 1999-00 season in 6th place with a record of 8-3-7 (27 pts.)

Check out the Brookhaven Soccer Home Page, Joe Piacentino Jr. and John Passanisi are the WebMasters and maintains stats and standings for the entire league.

Joining the Competitive Team

Anyone interested in joining the Competitive Team must meet the following requirements:

  • be at least 30 years of age.
  • have and wear shin guards.
  • be available to play both the Fall season (September - December) & Spring season (March - June) on Sunday afternoons.
  • be willing to assist the team with such tasks as field maintenance or administrative tasks.
  • and follow this tryout procedure:

    • contact the team manager Richard Wagener, 344-5856 to arrange for a tryout.
    • submit two forms of ID, clearly showing your date of birth (e.g.., driver's license, passport)
    • submit two passport size photos, clearly showing your entire head.
    • attend a tryout. (Note: If the tryout is scheduled during a league game, your must wait until the league issues you a valid player pass).
    • the team will then vote to decide whether to accept you onto the roster.

    if you are accepted onto the roster, you must then:

    • purchase a team uniform (typically $15-$25).
    • pay the league fee for the current season (typically $30-$50 per season).

    Competitive Team Officials


    Soccer Mailing List

    Anyone interested can subscribe to the soccer list and be kept up to date with club activities, schedules, players, etc. 

    For answers to questions, contact Joseph Piacentino Jr., club president, or (631) 344-4616.

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