2014 Thursday League M1 Softball

Softball Hotline x2737 (Updated information can be heard AFTER 4 PM)
League Rep. Eric Kramer, x8226;

        M1 TEAMS

11 - OER Wellheads

12 - Diamond Dawgs

13 - Gour-Mets

14 - Brew Crew

15 - Bunts 'n' Burners

16 -Heavy Hitters

Congrats to the 2013
Playoff Champions
Heavy Hitters

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WINNING CAPTAINS:  Please remember to get the game
results to Eric.  THANKS!

All games start at 5:30pm 

Thursday, May x

Team - Team -
Team - Team -
Team - Team -

* No Score Received
pp - Postponed game
f - forfeit

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Updated:  March 27, 2014
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