2013-2014 Players Pool

If you want to be added to the Players Pool... email the Volleyball League Secretary, Marie Van Buren.

Name                       Gender  E-mail                    Ext.     Bldg.  League   Comment
----                       ------  ------                    ----     -----  ------   -------
Joy Epps                   F       jepps@bnl.gov             4512     490    M2
Alan Levine                M       alanl@bnl.gov             4707     744    M2
Si Luo (Rose)              F       sluo@bnl.gov              4347     555    M2
Benjamin Rose              M       brose@bnl.gov             4346            M2       Never played in an organized league before, but is competitive and very eager to participate!
Mohamed Elbakhshwan        M       bakhshwan@bnl.gov                         OB,M2    New to BNL as of January 2014     
Last modified on 01/27/2014