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The mission of the Biology Department is to produce excellent science and advanced technology in a safe, environmentally benign manner, and to develop complex facilities that take advantage of the Laboratory's unique resources and support the needs of the wider research community in areas such as structural biology and radiation biology.

Essential for this mission is maintenance of a vital and stimulating research environment that will attract and nurture the best scientists and engineers for research and development programs in support of DOE missions and broader national goals. Interacting programs of basic and applied research in molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, structural biology, and genomics provide such an environment, in which the development and improvement of complex user facilities can flourish.

An integral part of our mission is to transfer knowledge and technologies generated in the Department to others, through publications, presentations, collaborations, workshops, educational programs, the training of predoctoral and postdoctoral students, and patenting and licensing to the commercial sector.

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