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CJ Liu  and KeweiZhang
Scientists Create Low-Lignin Plants with Improved Potential for Biofuel Production
Engineered enzyme alters cell wall composition in ways that could make it easier to convert plant biomass into biofuels
BNL News of July 31, 2012
Deborah Keszenman
and Sarah Ackerman
Sarah Ackerman Explores How Cells Fare in Space
BNL News of July 30, 2012
Jörg Scwender
Just How Does a Garden Grow?
Talking Plants and Metabolic Networks With Brookhaven Biochemist Jörg Schwender
BNL News of June 20, 2012
Jörg Scwender
479th Brookhaven Lecture, 6/20
TCharting Plant Metabolism: Quantification of Metabolic Fluxes and Predictive Mathematical Models
BNL News of June 20, 2012
Changcheng Xu,
Jilian Fan and Chengshi Yan
Carbon is Key for Getting Algae to Pump Out More Oil
Findings may lead to new ways to produce raw materials for renewable fuels in microscopic “green factories”
BNL News of June 18, 2012
John Shanklin
Scientists ID Mechanism for Regulating Plant Oil Production
Findings suggest ways to increase oil production for biofuels and industrial processes
BNL News of June 4, 2012
Subramaniam Eswaramoorthy
Internal Atomic Structure Reveals Key to Pollution-Fighting Bacteria
Molecular bonds may explain mechanism behind unique enzyme’s bioremediation of carcinogenic pollutants
BNL News of May 16, 2012
Huilin Li
Study Reveals How Protein Machinery Binds and Wraps DNA to Start Replication
Molecular-level details of mechanism may point to ways to block unwanted cell division
BNL News of March 6, 2012
CJ Liu
Meet Chang-Jun Liu
Of the Ten BNL Scientists Granted Tenure
BNL News of February 9, 2012
CJ Liu
Study Offers Insight into Delicate Biochemical Balance Required for Plant Growth
Implications for producing sustainable biomass, biofuels, and food-processing agents
BNL News of January 13, 2012


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