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Benjamin Burr

Brookhaven National Laboratory
From: Frances 4/6/76- 9/30/05, Ben 10/1/76-3/29/05


Past BNL Research Interests

We have developed two recombinant inbred families to facilitate the rapid mapping of maize genes to their chromosomal locations. A database, ACEMAZ, is maintained to support this resource.

Genes affecting cotton fiber properties is a new area of activity in our laboratory. The first approach is to develop genetic markers that are effective in probing natural variation in this trait. The second approach is to identify and characterize fiber-specific genes. This work is supported by the database ACECOT.

Maize kernel showing breakage-fusion-bridge cycle.
For an enlarged view and figure caption click on kernel.


Past Selected Publications

  • Burr B., and Burr F.A.
    Recombinant inbreds for molecular mapping in maize: Theoretical and practical considerations.
    Trends Genet., 7:55-60 (1991).   PubMed
  • Burr B., Burr F.A., Matz E.C., and Romero-Severson J.
    Pinning down loose ends: Mapping telomeres and factors affecting their length.
    Plant Cell, 4:953-960 (1992).   PubMed   Full Text
  • Burr F.A., Burr B., Scheffler B.E., Blewitt M., Wienand U., and Matz E.C.
    The maize repressor-like gene intensifier1 shows homology with the r1/b1 multigene family of transcription factors and exhibits missplicing.
    Plant Cell, 8:1249-1259 (1996).   PubMed   Full Text
  • Sasaki T., and Burr B.
    International Rice Genome Sequencing Project: the effort to completely sequence the rice genome.
    Curr Opin Plant Biol., 3:138-41 (2000).   PubMed
  • Liu S., Saha S., Stelly D., Burr B., Cantrell R.G.
    Chromosomal assignment of microsatellite loci in cotton.
    J. Hered., 91:326-32 (2000).   PubMed
  • Lacape J.M., Nguyen T.B., Thibivilliers S., Bojinov B., Courtois B., Cantrell R.G., Burr B., and Hau B.
    A combined RFLP-SSR-AFLP map of tetraploid cotton based on a Gossypium hirsutum x Gossypium barbadense backcross population.
    Genome, 46:612-26 (2003).   PubMed
Genetically Modified (Transgenic) Plant Resources:
  • Web-based information on aspects of the GMO debate can be found at Web Resources.
  • Slides from a recent public talk on the subject can be found at GM_Talk.


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