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Jack Van't Hof

Brookhaven National Laboratory
From: 1962-1999


Research Interests

The cell biology and cytogenetics of higher plants; specifically the development of commercial fiber in the cotton plant. Currently, the focus is on the relation between cell cycle kinetics, subpopulations of cells, selective expression of regulating developmental factors and fiber production. Methodology includes tissue culture, in situ hybridization and single-cell and chromosomal analyses.


Selected Publications

  • Van't Hof J. and Saha S.
    Cotton fibers can undego cell division.
    Amer. J. Botany, 84:1231-1237 (1997).
  • Burton S.K., Van't Hof J. and Bryant J.A.
    Novel DNA-binding characteristics of a protein associated with DNA polymerase-alpha in pea.
    Plant J., 12:357-365 (1997).  PubMed
  • Van't Hof J.
    DNA replication in plants.
    in: DNA replication in eukaryotic cells, M.L. DePamphilis, edt., Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, New York, (1996).
  • Williams S., Zhang X., Jacobsen C., Kirz J., Lindaas S., Van't Hof J. and Lamm S.S.
    Measurements of wet metaphase chromosomes in the scanning transmission x-ray microscope.
    J. Microscopy, 170:155-165 (1993).
  • Van't Hof, J. and Lamm, S.S.,
    Site of initiation of replication of the ribosomal genes of pea (Pisum sativum) detected by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis.
    Plant Mol. Biol., 20:377-382 (1992).  PubMed
  • Van't Hof J. and Lamm S.S.,
    Single-stranded replication of intermediates of ribosomal DNA replicons of pea.
    EMBO J., 10:1949-1953 (1991).  PubMed
  • Van't Hof J.
    Chromosomal replicons of higher plants.
    in: Chromosome Structure and Function, J.P. Gustafson and R. Appels, edts., Plenum Publishing Corp., NY, 75-89 (1988).


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