Biology Department Biology Department  

BNL Biology Scientific Staff

Mammalian Systems

Krassimira Botcheva   DNA damage responses; whole genome p53 & chromatin analysis
Paul Freimuth   Adenovirus attachment, Expression & folding of recombinant proteins
Deborah Keszenman   Interrelation between stress responses; Radiation DNA damage
Walter Mangel   Viral proteinases, Rational drug design
Stefan Tafrov   Histone Acetyltransferases and Space Radiation DNA Damage
Paul Wilson   Mammalian DNA damage response pathways, radiation biology

Microbial Systems

F. William Studier   T7, Protein production, Structural genomics

Plant Systems

Jörg Schwender   Metabolic flux analysis, Central carbon metabolism pathways
Chang-Jun Liu   Flavinoid/isoflavinoid & Plant cell wall pathways, Protein engineering
John Shanklin   Lipid modifying enzymes, Protein engineering, Plant oils
Changcheng Xu   Lipid biosynthesis and storage, lipid transport, microalgae

Membrane Proteins

Dax Fu   Aquaporins, Metal transporters, Membrane protein structure/function

Molecular Imaging

Joseph Wall   STEM User Facility, Protein complexes, Mass mapping
Huilin Li   Cryo-EM, Molecular machines, Protein localization in cells

X-ray Crystallography & Toxins

S. Swaminathan   Toxins, Rational drug design, Databases, Structural genomics
   R. Agarwal    
   S. Eswaramoorthy   Function of selected proteins such as toxins and amino-acid processing enzymes through crystallographic structure analysis.
   Desigan Kumaran    

NSLS Stations for X-ray Crystallography     ** Group Leader

Robert Sweet  **   Technology, service, and training for synchrotron crystallography
Annie Héroux   X25   -  Mail-in X-ray crystallographic program
Allen Orville   Correlated single-crystal spectroscopy + x-ray diffraction
Howard Robinson   X29   -  Mail-in program, High-throughput methods
Dieter Schneider   X12B -  Beamline automation, Advanced design
Alex Soares   Mail-in program, New methods

Computational and Systems Biology

Sergei Maslov  

NASA Space Radiation Laboratory (with Medical and Collider-Accelerator Departments)

 Paul Wilson   Biology User Support Team
   Deborah Keszenman    
   Stefan Tafrov    

Emeritus Staff

 Carl Anderson  
 Richard Setow    
 John Sutherland    
 Joe Wall    


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