Biology Department Biology Department  

Users & Projects 1999-2009

(Alphabetically by First Investigator)

  • Peter Adams. Laboratory of Infectious Diseases. NIAID/NIH. MD.
    Structure of viral AAA ATPase 2C complexes. (2007)
  • Paul Ahlquist, Michael Krol. University of Wisconsin
    BMV-derived VLPs made in yeast (1999)
  • Marc Allaire, Denis LeClerc, BNL, University of Laval, Canada.
    Structure of PapMV, reconstituted and wild-type. (2003)
    Structure of in vitro Hep C capsids. (2004)
  • Dwight Anderson, Shelley Grimes, University of Minnesota.
    Packaging structures in bacteriophage phi29. (2002)
  • Dwight Anderson, Jaya Koti. University of Minnesota, MN.
    Phi-29 gp16 oligomeric state. (2004, 2006)
  • Vik Bajaj, Robert G. Griffin. Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory, MIT. MA.
    Structure of fibrils from amyloid peptides (2007)
  • Ulrich Baxa, Alasdair Steven. NIAMS/NIDDK/NIH. MD.
    Structure of filaments. Sup35, NM, synuclein. (2005 - 2007)
    Structure of Ure2p constructs. (2005)
  • Miguel Berrios, Kim Conlon. SUNY at Stony Brook
    Structure of 8-Oxoguanine DNA glycosylase (OGG1) (2001)
  • Fabienne Beuron. Structural Biology , Institute of Cancer Research, London. UK.
    Isoforms of PLC gamma2 and core B1. (2007)
    p97 oligomers and complexes. (2005)
    Structure of adaptor protein complexes. (2004)
  • Maria Bewley, Ara Rangel. BNL and Caceres, Spain
    Oligo Arg Sacc (2000)
  • Lester Binder, Michelle King. Northwestern University
    Structural analysis of in vitro assembled tau filaments (2001)
    Structure of different tau isoforms (1999)
  • Lindsay Black, Richard Baumann. University of Maryland
    Terminase subunits of bacteriophage T4 (1999)
  • Ariel Blocker, Julie Hodgkinson. School of Pathology, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.
    T3SS needle complexes. (2006 - 2007)
  • Dan Bogenhagen, Elena Yakubovskaya. Pharmacological Science, SUNY at Stony Brook, NY.
    Structural features of mitochondrial DNA polymerase gamma. (2006)
  • Blair Bowers, Kirsten Remmert, NHLBI/NIH.
    Structure of CARMIL oligomers. (2002 - 2003)
  • John Briggs, Steven Fuller, Oxford, UK (with Vogt, Johnson, Cornell U.)
    In vitro HIV capsid structures. (2002)
  • John Briggs, Stephen Fuller, Hans-Georg Kraeusslich, Marc Johnson, Volker Vogt, Oxford University, Heidelberg University, Cornell University.
    Stoichiometry of Gag protein in HIV-1. (2003 - 2004)
  • Ray Brinas, Jim Hainfeld. Biology Department, BNL
    Au clusters, IgG. (2006 – 2007)
  • Ray Brinas, Shlomo Trachtenburg, Jim Hainfeld. Biology, BNL and Hebrew University, IL.
    Labeling B12 flagellae. (2005)
  • Jay Brown, William Newcomb. University of Virginia
    HSV capsid, his-tagged portal, Ni-NTA-Au. (2006)
    Oligomerization of VP5 (HSV) protein. (2004)
    Au-labeling of an HSV antibody. (2003)
    Mass of HSV scaffold-complex. (2003)
    Oligomeric state of a Herpes Simplex Virus protein encoded by the UL6 gene (2000)
  • James Burke, Tim Tucker, Duke University.
    Structure of polyglutamine thioredoxin filaments. (2004)
  • Esther Bullitt, David Thanassi. Boston Univ. Medical School, Washington U School of Med
    Structure of the PapC secretin (1999)
  • Esther Bullitt, Stephen Savarino, Boston University, Naval Military Research Center.
    Structure of enterotoxigenic pili. (2003)
  • Frederic Bushman, Kui Gao. The Salk Institute
    Structure of HIV Integrase-DNA Complexes (2001)
  • Anthony Cammarato, William Lehman, Boston University.
    Comparative structure of actin filaments. (2003 - 2004)
  • Arturo Casadevall, Diane McFadden. Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY.
    Fungal polysaccharide structure. (2005)
  • Sherwood Casjens. University of Utah Medical School
    Structure of P22 Capsids with Scaffolding Protein (2001)
  • Zhiqiang Chen, Huilin Li. Biology, BNL.
    ORC complexes. (2005)
  • R. Holland Cheng, Sin-Tau Kan. Karolinska Institute, Sweden
    Structure of Semliki Forest Virus (1999)
  • Benjamin Chu, Tianbo Liu. SUNY Stony Brook
    Structure of MoO3 Particles (1999 - 2000)
  • Marius Clore, Paul Wingfield, Alisdair Steven. NIAMSD,NIDDKD, NIH
    HIV envelope protein gp41 aggregates (1999)
  • John Collier, Jeremy Mogridge. Harvard Medical School
    Structure of Anthrax Toxin (1999)
  • Lisa Craig, Mark Yeager, Scripps Institute.
    Structure of pili fibers. (2002)
  • Roger Craig, Carlos Hidalgo, Norberto Gherbesi. U Mass Med.School; IVIC, Caracas, Venezuela
    Structure of the paramyosin core of tarantula thick filaments without myosin. (2001)
  • Roger Craig, Paolo Tonino. University of Massachusetts Medical School
    Structure of smooth muscle myosin filaments (2001)
  • Roger Craig, Carlos Hidalgo. University of Massachusetts Medical School
    Structure of thick filaments from tarantula striated muscles (2001)
  • Trisha Davis, Joshua Kern. University of Washington
    Structure of the yeast Tub4 complex (2000)
  • Loren Day. NY Public Health Research Institute
    Structure of Pf1, A&B. (2006)
    Curling structures of filamentous bacteriophages. (2005)
    Structure of phage tf 1. (2004)
    Structure of X-virus. (2003)
    Structure of filamentous bacteriophages (1999)
  • David DeRosier, Noreen Francis. Brandeis University
    Structure of basal bodies (1999)
  • Ruben Diaz, Florida State University.
    Structures of Sup35 prions. (2003 - 2004)
  • Ruben Diaz-Avalos. Molecular and Cellular Biology, UC Davis, CA.
    Structure of prions. VKT, VKH, VKL. (2006)
  • Joe DiDonato, Tom Tallant, Cleveland Clinic Foundation.
    Structure of IKK-beta complexes. (2004)
  • Shi-You Ding. National Renewable Energy Laboratory, CO.
    Quantum dots on cellulose. (2005)
  • Gang Dong. Cell Biology, Yale School of Medicine, CT.
    Protein (1/1) ligand-free vs. protein (1/1R43) + ligand. (2006)
  • Lubomir Dostal, Joel Schildbach. Biology, Johns Hopkins University. MD.
    Structure of TraI protein. (2007)
  • Benoit Dubertret. Rockefeller University
    Au-DNA beacons (2000)
  • David Dubnau, Kursad Turgay. Public Health Research Institute NYU
    Structure of ClpC (1999)
  • David Dubnau, Persuh Marjan. NY Public Health Research Institute
    Structure of the ClpC oligomer (2001)
  • John Dunn, BNL Biology.
    Structure of chromatin complexes. (2003)
  • Ed Egelman, Sean Yu, University of Virginia.
    Structure of helicases. (2003)
  • Ray Egerton. University of Alberta
    Radiation Damage on Plastic Films (1999)
  • Sharon Endow, Annie Chu, Duke University, NC.
    Cik-Kar protein complex. (2004)
  • Harold Erickson, Laura Romberg. Duke University Medical School
    Structure of FtsZ protofilaments. (2004)
    Structure of FtsZ filaments (1999)
  • Christine Field. Harvard Medical School
    Septins (2000)
  • David Figurski, Paul Freimuth, Scott Kachlany. Columbia University, BNL
    Structure of TadA (2000)
  • John Flanagan, Vito Graziano. BNL
    XRCC4 and DNA ligase complexes (2000)
  • John Flanagan, Vito Graziano, BNL Biology.
    Structure of DNA-PK and complexes. (2002)
  • John Flanagan, Vito Graziano, BNL Biology.
    Structure of DNA-PK and complexes. (2003)
  • John Flanagan, Hershey Medical Center.
    Spherical nanoparticles. (2004)

  • John Flanagan, Hershey Medical Center. PA. Structure of ClpP-Y62F (2007)
  • Jay Fox, Richard Valente. University of Virginia
    Snake venom metalloproteinases (SVMPs) / serum inhibitor complexes (2001)
  • Paul Freimuth, Yian-Biao Zhang, BNL Biology.
    Solubilization of receptor (membrane) proteins. (2002)
  • Gyozo Garab, Geoffrey Hind, Institute of Plant Biology, Hungary and BNL Biology.
    Structure of S. oneidensis outer membrane. (2002-03)
  • Gyozo Garab, Geoffrey Hind, Institute of Plant Biology, Hungary and BNL Biology.
    Structures of LHC-II complexes. (2004-05)
  • Berhane Ghebrehiwet. SUNY at Stony Brook
    A cell surface glycoprotein that binds to C1q (1999)
  • Robert Gilbert, David Stuart, Wellcome Trust Centre, University of Oxford, UK.
    Structure of the surface antigen of hepatitis B virus. (2002)
  • Robert Gilbert, David Stuart, Wellcome Trust Centre, University of Oxford, UK.
    Structure of the surface antigen of hepatitis B virus. (2003)
  • Ed Gogol, University of Missouri, Kansas City.
    Structure of GroEL-Luciferase complexes. (2002)
  • Bruce Goode, Sankar Maiti. Brandeis University, MA.
    Oligomeric state of mDia 1. (2005)
  • David Grahame, Eva Kocsis. US University of the Health Sciences
    Structure of the ACDS complex (1999)
  • Jack Griffith, Alexander Makhov, University of North Carolina.
    Structures of HSV origin of replication complexes. (2003)
  • Jack Griffith, Alexander Makhov, University of North Carolina.
    Structure of ICP8 filaments. (2004)
  • Nikolaus Grigorieff, Carsten Sachse. Brandeis University, MA.
    Structure of amyloid fibers. (2005)
  • Peixuan Guo, Purdue University
    Labeling of the bacteriophage f29 procapsid (2001)
  • Peixuan Guo, Purdue University.
    Phi-29 assembly components. (2003)
  • Peixuan Guo. Molecular Virology & Biomedical Engineering, Purdue University, IN.
    Structure of gp16 complexes. (2005)
  • Jim Hainfeld, Janelle Gilbert, Biology, BNL.
    Labeling protein tags. (2004)
  • Jim Hainfeld. Biology Department, BNL.
    Au11/Ad12 (2006)
    Gold-labeling workshop. (2007)
  • Mary Hamilton. Fordham University
    Snail hemoglobin and nonrespiratory protein (2001)
    Structure of OCA and cavortin. (2005)
  • Dorit Hanein, Rong Li, Coumaran Egile, Tomas Lipkin, The Burnham Institute, Harvard University.
    Structure of Arp2/3. (2003)
  • Dorit Hanein, Rong Li, Coumaran Egile, Tomas Lipkin, The Burnham Institute, Harvard University.
    Labeling of his-tagged Arp3. (2004)
  • Stephen Harrison, JJ Miranda. Harvard Medical School, MA.
    Microtubules and DASH. (2005-06)

  • Xiangwei He. Molecular & Human Genetics, Baylor Medical School, Houston, TX.
    Structure of the NMS (9 subunit) complex of fission yeast kinetochore. (2006)
  • Michael Himmel, Shi-you Ding, National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
    Structure of cellulosomes. (2002)
    Structure of Quantum Dots. (2002-03)
    QD arrays on microcrystalline cellulose. (2004)
  • Geoffrey Hind. BNL
    Structure of S. oneidensis outer membrane (2000)
  • Jenny Hinshaw. NIDDK, NIH
    Dynamin structures (1999)
  • Ming Hu, James Hainfeld.
    Labeling of Ku70/Ku80. ACF. His-ISWI. (2004)
  • Eric Hunter, Scott Parker. University of Alabama
    Structure of retrovirus cores (1999)
    Structure of Mason-Pfizer monkey virus Gag particles (2000)
  • David Jeruzalmi, Merlind Muecke. Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University, MA.
    Structure of the DnaA - origin DNA complex. (2006)
    Structure of EC A02. (2007)
  • Zhenghui Gordon Jiang, Jamie McKnight. Boston University School of Medicine, MA.
    Structure of Apolipoprotein B (B6-17/DMPC(1:4) with Ni-NTA-Au. (2005-06)
  • Andrey Kalinin, NIAMS, NIH.
    Mass of human periplakin. (2003-04)
  • Dean Kedes, Karin Nealon. AIDS Research, University of Virginia
    Structure of KSHV Capsids (1999)
  • Dean Kedes, Christine O'Connor, Thaler Center for AIDS Research, U of Virginia.
    Structure of KSHV Capsids. (2002)
  • Richard Kiehl, Shoujun Xiao. E&CE. University of Minnesota
    Structure of Au-decorated DNA nanocrystals (2001)
  • Jan Kieleczawa, BNL
    DNA of Algal Viruses (1999)
  • Kendall Knight. University of Massachusetts Medical School
    Structure of mutants of hRad52 (2001)
  • Jeff Kuret. Molecular Neurobiology, OSU College of Medicine, OH.
    Kinetics of tau filament assemblies (2006)
  • Larissa Kuznetsova, Jim Hainfeld. Biology Department, BNL. NY.
    Labeling BSA, IgG. (2007)
  • John Larese. BNL
    Structure of Au/MgO crystals (2001)
  • Hilal Lashuel, Peter Lansbury, Harvard Medical School.
    Synuclein structure in early onset Parkinson's disease. (2002)
    Alzheimer's A-beta fibrils. (2002)
  • Hilal Lashuel, Harvard Medical School.
    Structure of some apolipoprotein particles. (2004)
  • Huilin Li, BNL Biology.
    Structures of pili and cd-complexes. (2002)
    Mass/length of pili. (2003)
    Structure of an ATPase. (2004)
    Mpa6, masses of pks 1&2. (2006)
  • DY Li, Huilin Li. Biology Department, BNL. NY.
    Structure of gamma-secretase, Oligosaccharide transferase. (2007)
  • Gang Lin, Carl Nathan, Cornell University.
    Structure of an ATPase. (2003)
  • Minghui Hu, Jim Hainfeld. Biology, BNL.
    Au cluster synthesis. (2005)
  • Amy Kendall, Gerald Stubbs, Biological Sciences, Vanderbilt University. TN.
    Structure of some flexible filamentous plant viruses. (2007)
  • Qing Li, Shoreham-Wading River HS, NY.
    Purification and visualization of earthworm hemoglobin. (2006)
  • David Lukac. UMDNJ/NJ Medical School, NJ.
    Structure of an oligomeric viral transcription factor. (2005-06)
  • Elena Lymar, Jim Hainfeld, Biology Department, BNL.
    ACL complex, Ku complexes. (2004)
    DT3-Au tagged. (2006)
  • Ruimei Ma, Yimei Zhu. Medical & Materials Science, BNL
    Boron distribution in cells (1999)
  • Alexander Makhov, Jack Griffith, University of North Carolina.
    Structure of ICP8 of HSV1. (2003)
  • Alexander Makhov, Jack Griffith, University of North Carolina.
    Structure of HSV helicase. (2003)
    Structure of ICP8 filaments. (2007)
  • Marek Malac, University of Alberta.
    Properties of Carbon-60 films. (2003)
  • Marek Malac, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.
    GO tubes. Nanotubes. (2004)
  • Mandakini, Barbara Panessa-Warren. Instrumentation, BNL.
    Nanotube loops. (2005)
  • Wally Mangel. Biology Department, BNL.
    Mass of INF13. (2006)
  • Martin Margittai, Ralf Langen. Neurogenetic Institute, USC Medical School, CA.
    Tau filaments. (2006)
  • Thomas Marlovitz, Yale University.
    Structure of mobility complexes. (2003)
  • Diane McFadden, Arturo Casadavell, Albert Einstein.
    Structure of a fungal polysaccharide. (2004)
  • Mavis McKenna, Antonette Bennett, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.
    AAV1, MSV pentamers. (2004)
  • Mavis McKenna, Antonette Bennet. College of Medicine, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.
    Structure of MVM assembly intermediates. (2006-06)
  • Chris Mercogli, David DeRosier, Brandeis University.
    Labeling metallothionein. (2003-04)
  • Troy Messick, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
    Structure of the Gal4/Gal80 activation domain. (2002)
  • Larry Miller. University of Minnesota
    Model compounds for heavy atom labeling (1999)
  • Leonard Mindich. Public Health Research Institute, NYU
    Structure of Phage Phi 8 (1999)
  • Leonard Mindich, Public Health Research Institute
    The oligomeric state of the P4 protein of bacteriophage phi8 (2001)
  • Michael Mosesson. The Blood Research Institute, University of Wisconsin
    Blood Clotting Proteins (1999-2003)
    XLD-fibrin. (2004)
    The effect of DNA aptamers on thrombin. (2007)
  • Royce Murray, University of North Carolina.
    Gold labels. (2002)
  • Parimala Nacharaju. Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville
    Structure of tau filaments (1999)
  • Max Nibert, Harvard University. Mass of Reo Cores. (2003)
  • Jim Noah, Alan Lambowitz. Univ of Texas at Austin, TX.
    RNP lariat structures. (2005)
  • Eva Nogales, Dylan Taatjes, University of California, Berkeley.
    Structure and Mass of a Transcription Complex. (2002)
  • Eva Nogales, Rachel Shreter, University of California, Berkeley.
    Structure and Mass of Brm-A and Brm-B. (2003)
  • Nick Noinaj. Mol & Cell Biochem, Structural Biology, U Kentucky College of Medicine. KY.
    Oligomeric state of IDE +/- TNP, BK, etc. (2007)
  • Joaquin Ortega. Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada.
    Structure of Rvb1+Rvb2 rings, compared to Rvb1 rings and Rvb2 rings. (2006-07)
    Structure of ClpP (2007).
  • David Papapostolou. University of Sussex, UK.
    Peptide filaments. (2005)
  • Ramon Parsons, Maria Luisa Sulis, Columbia University, NY.
    PTEN. (2004)
  • Fernando Patolsky, Hebrew University.
    Structure of g- and f-actin. (2003)
  • Richard Perhams, Samantha Holland, Cambridge Univ. UK.
    Mass/length of RP4 pili. (2002)
  • Richard Perhams, Samantha Holland, Cambridge Univ. UK.
    Mass/length of RP4 pili. (2003)
  • Max Perutz. MRC-LMB Cambridge University, UK
    Mass/length of prions (2001)
  • Luping Qian, Jim Hainfeld. Biology Department, BNL. NY.
    20S array, Ad12+Ni-NTA-Nanogold on C4. (2007)
  • Daniel Raleigh, Melanie Nilsson. SUNY at Stony Brook
    Structure of human amyloid fibrils (1999)
  • Venigalla Rao. Catholic University of America
    Assemblies, small terminase from phage T4 (1999)
  • Venn Reddy, Biology, BNL.
    Structure of 3 nm Au. (2004)
  • Hanna Kziezak-Reding. Albert Einstein Medical School
    Abnormal paired helical filaments (1999) Structure of tau “filaments”. (2005)
  • Marjorie Russel, Jian-nong Feng, Peter Model. Rockefeller University
    Structure of filamentous phage pI multimer (1999)
  • Srinivasa Sastry, Nora Linderoth. Rockefeller University
    Heat shock chaperone-peptide antigen complexes (2000)
  • Dieter Schneider, Brenda Daniels. BNL
    Structure of p96 (2000)
  • Alan Rein, Siddhartha Datta, NCI, Frederick, MD.
    Structure of immature murine leukemia virus particles. (2002)
  • Alan Rein, Siddhartha Datta, NCI, Frederick, MD.
    Structure of modified Gag virus particles. (2003)
  • John Sachs, Dwight Martin. Dept. of Medicine, SUNY at Stony Brook
    Structure of a Na+,K+-ATPase. (ab) protomer stoichiometry (2001)
  • Katarzyna Sawicka, Perena Gouma. Materials Science and Engineering, SUNYSB, NY.
    Polymer nanofibers. (2005)
  • Suzanne Scarlata, Marjorie BonHomme, SUNY at Stony Brook.
    Structure of empty HIV-1 capsid cores. (2002)
  • Nadrian Seeman, Frederick Mathieu. New York University
    Structure of a six-helix DNA bundle (2001)
  • Anindito Sen, Ulrich Baxa, Alasdair Steven. LSBR, NIAMS/NIH.
    Het-s filaments from a fungus. (2005)
  • Y. Seo. SUNY at Stony Brook
    Dendrimers (2000)
  • Yuri Sergeev, NEI/NIH.
    UV damage of eye lens proteins. (2002)
  • John Shanklin, BNL Biology.
    Oligomeric states of a lipid modifying enzyme. (2002)
  • Anthony Spano. Biology Dept., University of Virginia, VA.
    Structure of GTA proheads. (2005)
  • Tony Spano. Department of Biology, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA.
    Structure of the prohead of GTA (the Rhodobacter capsulatus gene transfer agent). (2006)
    Structure of Orf5 protein. (2007)
  • David Spector. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
    Structure of a particle from nuclei (1999)
  • Scott Stagg. Scripps Research Institute, CA. (2005)
    Oligomeric state of Sec13/31.
  • Alasdair Steven. NIAMSD/NIH
    Strucuture of a shortened FHA (1999)
    Structure of a shortened filamentous hemagglutinin (FHA) (2001)
  • Alasdair Steven, Norman Watts. LSBR/NIAMS, NIH
    Rev/tubulin complexes (1999)
  • Alasdair Steven, Ulrich Baxa, Reed Wickner, NIAMS/NIDDK/NIH.
    Structure of derivatized prions. (2002-03)
  • Bruce Stillman, Rui-Ming Xu, James Chong. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
    Archaeal minichrom. maintenance protein (1999)
  • David Sullivan. Johns Hopkins University
    Heme polymers (1999)
  • Shlomo Trachtenberg. Hebrew University - Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, IL
    Structure of archaeal flagellar filaments (2001)
  • Shlomo Trachtenberg. Hebrew University - Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, IL.
    Structure of B12 Pili and flagellae. (2005)
  • Shlomo Trachtenberg, Sara Cohen-Krausz. Hebrew U-Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel.
    Structure of B12 Pili and flagellae. (2006)
  • Daniel Ungar, Fred Hughson, Princeton University, NJ.
    COG complex. (2004)
  • Serge Vinogradov, Askar Kuchumov. Wayne State University
    Invertebrate Hemoglobins (1999)
    Double blind unknowns for mass measurements (2001)
  • Volker Vogt. Cornell University
    Structure and assembly of retroviruses (1999)
  • Volker Vogt, Marc Johnson, Cornell University.
    In vitro Gag particles, from RSV and HIV. (2002-03)
  • Tom Walz, Melanie Ohi, Harvard University.
    Structure of spliceosomes. (2003) Structure of APC complexes. (2006)
  • Kuan Wang, NIAMS/NIH.
    Structure of titin and nebulin. (2002)
  • Kuan Wang, NIAMS/NIH.
    Structure of titin and nebulin. (2003)
  • Qian Wang, Zhongwei Niu. Chem and Biochem, University of South Carolina, SC.
    Derivatized (nanodized) TMV. (2006)
  • John Warren. BNL
    Carbon nanotubes (2000)
  • Reed Wickner, Alasdair Steven, Kimberley Taylor. NIAMSD,NIDDK, NIH
    Structure of prions (1999)
  • Chris Wiese, Lori O'Brian, University of Wisconsin. Structure of a spindle assembly factor. (2003)
  • Itamar Willner, Fernando Patolsky, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
    Structure of a Glucose Oxidase\Nanoparticle conjugate. (2002)
  • Itamar Wilner, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.
    Au-labeling of G dehydrogenase, G oxidase. (2004)
  • Mike White, Melissa Patterson. Chemistry Department, BNL.
    Structure of catalytic metal clusters, sized by MS. (2006)
  • Stanislaus Wong. BNL and SUNY Stony Brook
    Carbon nanotubes (2000)
  • Christopher Woodcock, Craig Peterson. University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    Stoichiometry of the SWI/SNF complex (2001)
  • Christopher Woodcock, Robert Simpson, UMass Amherst and Penn State University.
    Mass and structure of the Tup1/Ssn6 yeast co-repressor complex. (2002)
  • Chris Woodcock, Nicole Francis, University of Massachusetts, MGH.
    Structure of ploycomb/nucleosome complexes. (2003-04)
  • Chris Woodcock. Biology Department, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA.
    Structure of nucleosomes. Different linkers, +/- MeDNA. (2007).
  • Matthew Wright, George Church, Harvard Medical School, MA.
    Labeling DNA. (2004)
  • Li Xing, Holland Cheng. Molecular & Cellular Biology, UC Davis, CA
    Structure of 2 types of virus like particles, from recombinant human hep E. virus (2006).
  • Mark Yeager, Lisa Craig. Scripps Institute
    Structure of pili fibers (2000)
  • Mark Yeager, Mark Daniels. Scripps Institute
    Alpha-TIP aquaporin helices (2000)
  • Gang Zhao. Biology, SUNY Stony Brook, NY.
    MP97 +/- mPNGase. (2006)
  • Xing Zhang, Xiaodong Cheng. Emory University
    Protein arginine methyltransferases (1999)
  • Xing Zhang, Xiaodong Cheng. Emory University
    Structure of protein arginine methyltransferases (2000)
  • Yain Biao Zhang. Biology, BNL.
    Derivatized nanotubes. (2005)
  • Yixian Zheng. Christina Wiese. Carnegie Institute of Washington
    Structure of the -tubulin ring complex (1999)
  • Xianzhi Zhou, Jim Hainfeld. Biology, BNL.
    Au labeling of MPA (2005)
  • Wenching Zhou. University of Akron
    Conducting polymer fibers (2000)
  • Gang Zhi, Gary Kupfer. University of Virginia. VA.
    Structure of FANCD2 small complex. (2007)
  • Yimei Zhu, Marek Malac, BNL and University of Alberta.
    Properties of Carbon-60 films. (2002)
  • Adam Zlotnick. Oklahoma University
    Cowpea chlorotic mottle virus (CCMV) assembly (2001, 2005)


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