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PCMass Manual: Tutorial 2

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Automatic Mass Measurement on a Single Image
  1. Read in the practice image NK737537 as for Tutorial 1.
  2. In the file menu, select Erase *.smm. This erases any previous mass measurements made on this image.
  3. Select model number 35, enter one manual mass measurement (MMM), select model number 21, enter another manual mass measurement, then select model number 49 and enter a final MMM.
  4. Strike the <o> key (letter o) as in step 13 of tutorial 1. This enters a list of the desired models to search for.
  5. In the file menu, select Erase *.smm again. This eliminates any previous selections.
  6. Strike the <0> key (zero) to clear the screen. Strike the key and observe the preliminary search. This selects for longest and shortest dimension for each particle type. If some candidate objects were missed, the can be entered manually.
  7. Strike the <0> key again to clear the screen. Strike the key and observe the final alignment and testing relative to the selected models. Particles passing the selection criteria should be marked in white with mass displayed.
  8. Strike to view the results. Note that there are nine measurements listed for each model (up to 5 models). The upper group labeled MMM should be blank, since all previous manual mass measurements were erased in step 5 above. The middle group labeled TTT is the first test (step 6) and the bottom group labeled RRR is the result after refinement (step 7).
  9. Use the LEFT/RIGHT and UP/DOWN arrow keys to select different models and types of measurement.
  10. Positioning the mouse pointer over a measured particle will display the previous measurements to the left of the current data.


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