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Cover Illustration: A biochemical hallmark of programmed cell death is the degradation of chromosomal DNA into nucleosomal units. Caspase-activated DNase, also known as DNA fragmentation Factor 40, is responsible for this process. In this issue, Woo et al. report the crystal structure of the enzyme (pp. 531-539), which reveals a deep active site crevice that appears ideal for distinguishing internucleosomal DNA from nucleosomal DNA.

Woo, E.-J., Kim, Y.-G., Kim, M.-S., Han, W.-D., Shin, S., Robinson, H., Park, S.-Y., and Oh, B.-H.
Structural mechanism for inactivation and activation of CAD/DFF40 in the apoptotic pathway.
Molecular Cell 14(4): 531-539 (May, 2004).
Medline Abstract,   PDB file 1V0D

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