Brookhaven National Laboratory News Brookhaven National Laboratory conducts research in the physical, biomedical, and environmental sciences, as well as in energy technologies. Brookhaven also builds and operates major facilities available to university, industrial, and government scientists. en-us (BNL Web Services) Brookhaven National Laboratory News Solomiya Ivakhiv and Di Wu to Perform at Brookhaven Lab, March 11 Pianist Di Wu and violinist Solomiya Ivakhiv, both graduates of the world-renowned Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, will perform in concert at Brookhaven Lab on March 11. Fri, 20 Feb 2015 10:30:00 EST Smashing Polarized Protons to Uncover Spin and Other Secrets If you want to unravel the secrets of proton spin, put a "twist" in your colliding proton beams. The latest round of these collisions has just begun at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider and will continue for the next nine weeks. Wed, 11 Feb 2015 07:30:00 EST Energy Secretary Moniz Dedicates the World's Brightest Synchrotron Light Source U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz dedicated the world's most advanced light source, the National Synchrotron Light Source II at Brookhaven National Laboratory, on Feb. 6, 2015. Fri, 6 Feb 2015 11:30:00 EST Farmingdale High School Wins Top Honors at Brookhaven Lab's Regional High School Science Bowl Farmingdale High School edged out 15 other teams to take top honors at the U.S. Department of Energy Regional Science Bowl held at the Lab on January 31. The team will compete in the National Finals in Washington, D.C. in April. Wed, 4 Feb 2015 07:30:00 EST New Clues About a Brain Protein with High Affinity for Valium High-resolution structure could lead to design of more effective drugs with fewer side effects; biochemical assays uncover possible role in degrading destructive oxygen compounds. Thu, 29 Jan 2015 14:00:00 EST Nanoscale Mirrored Cavities Amplify, Connect Quantum Memories Constructing tiny "mirrors" to trap light increases the efficiency with which photons can pick up and transmit information about electronic spin states, essential for scaling up quantum memories for functional quantum computing systems and networks. Wed, 28 Jan 2015 05:00:00 EST Self-Assembled Nanotextures Create Antireflective Surface on Silicon Solar Cells Scientists show that etching a nanoscale texture onto silicon creates an antireflective surface that works as well as state-of-the-art thin-film multilayer coatings. Wed, 21 Jan 2015 05:00:00 EST Self-Destructive Effects of Magnetically-Doped Ferromagnetic Topological Insulators A new atomic-scale study of the surface properties of a ferromagnetic topological insulator reveals that these materials may not be what they had seemed. Mon, 19 Jan 2015 15:00:00 EST Statement from Brookhaven Lab Director on New York State Partnership One of the most important aspects of Brookhaven Science Associates' recent winning proposal to manage and operate Brookhaven National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy was BSA's and New York State's pledge to deepen and strengthen their partnership in the area of energy science & technology. This weekend's announcement by Governor Cuomo is a very significant step in advancing that partnership. Mon, 19 Jan 2015 13:30:00 EST Solar Cell Polymers with Multiplied Electrical Output New family of materials produces "twin" electrical charges on single molecules, potentially paving the way for easy manufacture of more efficient solar devices. Mon, 12 Jan 2015 11:00:00 EST