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Name/Email Link Extension Functional Responsibilities
Michael Dooling 8308 Division Manager
Barrow, Joan 3290 Documentation / Training
Doulos, Richard 4520 PeopleSoft Support
Duffield, Ray 3301 Financial Sys. Prod. Supt. Supervisor
Elder, Betty 3562 PeopleSoft Support
Fazzio, Maureen 5179 PeopleSoft Support
Flannigan, John 5190 Development Group Manager
Gallagher, Ed 7786 Business Systems Implementation Manager
Giovine, Steve 8610 Technical Services Manager
Graham, Herman 7333 PeopleSoft Support
Hoffmann, Toni 5257 Administrative Assistant
Iyer, Srini 7655 PeopleSoft Development
Mack, Greg 7617 Financials Development Supervisor
Maggio, Mary Ann 5724 PeopleSoft Development
Marron, Jim 6222 PeopleSoft Support
McCall, Matt 7388 Database Administrator
Mckinney, Juanita 3915 Quality Assurance Analyst
Minter, Tiffany 7216 Technical Support Group
Muller, John 3302 Database Administrator
Nasta, Joe 7043 PeopleSoft Development
Plante, John 5077 Web Development
Portesy, Rich 5579 Web Development
Retundi, Robert 5163 HR Development Supervisor
Riddle, Brenda 4524 PeopleSoft Development
Seidman, Mike 2242 PeopleSoft Development
Teich, Diana 3681 PeopleSoft Support
Van Buren, Marie 4727 PeopleSoft Support
Wang, Sharon 2013 Quality Assurance Analyst
Wang, Y.K. 2185 Database Administrator
Warno, Renee 8278 PeopleSoft Security/Web Support/
Waters, Jim 5693 PeopleSoft Support
Wells, Sue 7427 Quality Assurance Analyst
Windley, Patriche 5561 PeopleSoft Support
Xue, Dejun 6538 Web Development
Xu, Jun 4508 Web Development
Business Systems Computer Room 3305 Main Number
Business Systems Main Fax # 4057 Main Fax Number
Business Systems Admin. Fax # 2151 Administration

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