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BWEN Mission Statement

These are our general goals and concerns which are addressed by our group. Please send comments and suggestions to Arlene Zhang (arling@bnl.gov).


Brookhaven Women's Engineering Network Mission Statement 

To provide a forum for women in engineering, computer science, and other technical fields to share their ideas, concerns, and knowledge. 

To share experience of the planning and balance of work and family

To encourage and provide professional mentoring

To encourage and provide volunteer activity

To provide technical exchange among professionals.

Promote communication among women in Engineering, Computing and Technology through technical lectures and networking with peers.

Further the professional development and advancement of women in Engineering, Computing and Technology (promote equal opportunities).

Improve social attitudes on the stereotyping of women (perception) in Engineering, Computing and Technology.

Propose solutions to management concerning 'work/life balance' initiatives which affect professional women at BNL today. (ie. flexible work options such as part-time, variable work schedules, telecommuting and job-sharing), science summer camp, increase 'SFM' annual allocation, working parent networks, etc.)

Promote education of women of all ages in Engineering, Computing and Technology through outreach programs as well as mentoring from within.

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