C-AD Accelerator R&D Division


High-current, high-brightness R&D Energy Recovery Linac


The R&D ERL is headed by Ilan Ben-Zvi.

ERL Information

Information on this state-of-the art R&D ERL can be found in a few places on this site. Papers can be found under the subject of ERL in the group's papers organized by subject. More information in the form of presentations can be found in the group's presentations page. This ERL is constructed with the help of support from the DOD JTO and ONR and of course the DOE Division of Nuclear Physics.

Among the unique features of this ERL developed by our group, one may note the following:

  • Very high current (up to 0.5 amperes CW).
  • Very low emittance, below 3 microns (RMS normalized) at 1.4 nC per bunch.
  • Novel diamond amplified photocathode.
  • Novel superconducting, high-current RF gun.
  • Novel ERL beam merger, based on the Z-bend design.
  • Novel ultra-stable 703.75 MHz 5-cell superconducting ERL cavity.

The ERL is in an advanced construction phase, and is expected to be completed in 2008. The Microsoft Project document for the ERL is in this link. (subject to updates).

For a 3-D view of the ERL design, click here: JPG file, 1.8 MB

3-D view of the superconducting SRF gun under construction for the ERL.
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ECX in 912








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