RHIC Electron Cooling Group

Collaboration Workshop on RHIC electron cooling and high-brightness electron beams, May 24-26, 2006, Brookhaven National Laboratory


List of participants

Electron Cooling SRF Photoinjector
George Bell gibell@txcorp.com  Tech-X Ilan Ben-Zvi ilan@bnl.gov BNL
David Bruhwiler bruhwile@txcorp.com  Tech-X  Andrew Burrill aburrill@bnl.gov BNL
Alexey Burov burov@fnal.gov  FNAL Ram Calaga rcalaga@bnl.gov BNL
Peter Cameron cameron@bnl.gov BNL Xiangyun Chang xychang@bnl.gov BNL
Yaroslav Derbenev derbenev@jlab.org  JLab Michael Cole mike_cole@mail.aesys.net, AES
Alexei Fedotov fedotov@bnl.gov BNL Dimitre Dimitrov dad@txcorp.com Tech-X
Wolfram Fischer wfischer@bnl.gov BNL Harald Hahn hahnh@bnl.gov BNL
Animesh Jain jain@bnl.gov BNL Manouchehr Farkhondeh Manouchehr.Farkhondeh@science.doe.gov DOE
Igor Kaganovich ikaganov@pppl.gov PPPL Helen Edwards hedwards@fnal.gov, FNAL
Valerie Lebedev val@fnal.gov  FNAL Dietmar Janssen d.janssen@fz-rossendorf.de, FZR
Vladimir Litvinenko vl@bnl.gov BNL Dmitry Kayran dkayran@bnl.gov, BNL
Sergey Nagaitsev nsergei@fnal.gov  FNAL Joerg kewisch jorg@bnl.gov BNL
George Parzen parzen@bnl.gov BNL Sergey Kurennoy kurennoy@lanl.gov LANL
Gulshan Rai Gulshan.Rai@science.doe.gov DOE Yuelin Li, ylli@aps.anl.gov, ANL
Vladimir Reva v.b.reva@inp.nsk.su  BINP Triveni Rao triveni@bnl.gov BNL
Thomas Roser roser@bnl.gov BNL James Rosenzweig rosen@physics.ucla.edu, UCLA
Sandro Ruggiero agr@bnl.gov BNL Jacek Sekutowicz jacek.sekutowicz@desy.de DESY
Anatoly Sidorin sidorin@jinr.ru  JINR Alan Todd todd@grump.com, AES
Alexander Shemyakin shemyakin@fnal.gov  FNAL Hiromitsu Tomizawa hiro@spring8.or.jp, Spring-8
Gang Wang gawang@bnl.gov BNL Thomas Tsang tsang@bnl.gov BNL
Qiong Wu qiowu@bnl.gov BNL
Vitaly Yakimenko yakimenko@bnl.gov BNL

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