RHIC Electron Cooling Group

Collaboration Workshop on RHIC electron cooling and high-brightness electron beams, May 24-26, 2006, Brookhaven National Laboratory



The meeting is a specific collaboration meeting for two critical issues related to the electron cooling of RHIC; non-magnetized electron cooling of high-energy hadron beams and photoinjector design for the needed high-charge, high-brightness beam. Thus the workshop will comprise of plenary sessions and two working groups. Working Group 1 will deal with theory, simulations and experiments on high-energy, non-magnetized electron beam cooling of hadron storage rings. Working Group 2 will deal with superconducting laser-photocathode RF guns, their beam dynamics and laser shaping for optimizing the brightness of the beam.

The charge for the workshop is summarized in the following:

1. Establish the degree of confidence and accuracy we have in the simulations and theory of non-magnetized electron cooling. Examine the performance of this cooling technique for RHIC and evaluate potential difficulties. Establish a plan for continues R&D.

2. Establish the degree of confidence and accuracy we have in the simulations and theory of the generation of high-charge, low emittance bunches from a superconducting photoinjector. Examine the techniques of laser pulse shaping and their effect on emittance. Establish a plan for continued R&D.

Background documents:

Electron cooling studies for RHIC II, Alexei Fedotov

Electron beam dynamics, Dmitry Kayran



Workshop Chair: Ilan Ben-Zvi, BNL, ilan@bnl.gov

Working group leaders:

Working Group 1, Electron Cooling:

Sergey Nagaitsev, FNAL, nsergei@fnal.gov  and Vladimir Litvinenko, BNL, vl@bnl.gov

Working Group 2, SRF Photoinjector:

James Rosenzweig, UCLA, rosen@physics.ucla.edu and Dmitry Kayran, BNL, dkayran@bnl.gov

Agenda and presentations, including Working Group summaries

List of participants

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