AP Meeting Minutes 08/05/2002

Attendees : M. Blaskiewicz, D. Davino, A. Fedotov, H. Hahn, Y. Y. Lee, N. Malitsky,   D. Raparia, G. Parzen, 

S. Tepikian, Nick Tsoups, J. Wei,, W. T. Weng, S. Y. Zhang

Measurement result of 30Q58 were discussed -Tsoups will finalized the pole profiles to reduce multi-poles.

Davino presented the clearing electrode design in the collimator straight section and finds 

there is not enough filed to clean the electrons.

The RF cavity impedance measurement results were discussed - Fedotov will run 

UAL code to see the effects of the impedance.

Tepikian discussed the ring naming for the data base.

Permanent magnet for IPM were discussed and decided that

electro-magnet will be used for IPM.

Fedotov presented the questions to be answer in next ASAC .