AP Meeting Minutes 04/29/2002

Attendees : M. Blaskiewicz, D. Davino, A. Fedotov, H. Hahn, Y. Y. Lee, N. Malitsky,  S. Tepikian, N. Tsoupas, D. Raparia, G. Parzen, W. T. Weng, J. Wei

Raparia reported design of 26S26 (chromatic sextupoles). Fields and multipoles are acceptable.

Measurement results of 16CD20 were discussed. Fields and multipoles are  acceptable, green light for production was given

Fedotov discussed the 1st chicane magnet aperture and multipoles, it was decided that lower pole of this magnet will be lowered by 2.3 cm, to meet the field quality of 1.0E-4

Fedotov also  discussed the instability in the ring due to transverse impedance and effect of space-charge and chromaticity.

Malitsky reported the progress in the UAL simulations for the tune foot print.