AP Meeting Minutes 06/23/2003

Attendees : M. Blaskiewicz, , A. Fedotov,   Y. Y. Lee, N. Malitsky, W. Meng

 H. Ming, W. McGahern D. Raparia, G. Parzen, S. Tepikian, Lanfa Weng, J. Wei, S. Y. Zang

Last string of 21q40 was completed and assign to the lattice (1)

Measurement result of first three S26 were presented.(1)

Reference radii for all the magnet were discussed for and assigned (1)

Blaskiewicz presented the electron density for measured SEY for Ni coating (1)

and also presented the beam scrabbing  results.

Fedotov presented "Banana Shape Instability" result for new impedance and intensity. (1)

Ming presented electron cloud density in presence of solenoids. (1)

Malitsky presented BFT results for RHIC. (1)