SNS  Diagnostics Review Agenda -- July 2002



Tuesday, July 23rd


8:30 welcome Jei Wei

8:40 introduction Tom Shea

8:50 Dec 2000 Review at ORNL Pete Cameron



BPM FDR (backup material here)

9:15 Overview Pete Cameron

9:30 PUEs TDR, transfer function Pete Cameron

10:00 Coffee

10:15 AFE,signal processing,                Marty Kesselman

11:00 Digitizer, PCI, Timing            Craig Dawson

11:30 Beam-based alignment Pete Cameron

12:00 Lunch at Berkner



BLM FDR (backup material here1 here2 h1 h2 h3 h4)

13:00 Overview                     Dick Witkover

13:15 Fast (PMT) BLMs        Dave Gassner

13:40 Ion Chambers      Dick Witkover

14:20 Electronics, processing,                    Dave Gassner

14:45 Coffee


Carbon Wires PDR

15:00 Overview Pete Cameron

15:15 Heating Calculations     CJ Liaw

15:35 Actuators electronics, processing,         Mike Plum





Group Dinner

Wednesday, July 24th



8:30 Overview Roger Connolly

8:45 IPM Physics and Detector Design        Roger Connolly

9:30 Electronics, processing,                   Roger Connolly

10:00 Luminescence Monitor                          Roger Connolly

10:30 Coffee


BCM FDR (backup material here)

10:45 Overview              Marty Kesselman

11:00 Pickup, AFE, Signal processing             Marty Kesselman

11:30 Digitizer, PCI, Calibrator                 Craig Dawson

12:00 Lunch at Berkner


VFM PDR  (backup material  h1    h2    h3)

13:00 Overview               Dave Gassner

13:15 System Design               Dave Gassner

Tune PDR

14:15 Overview                  Pete Cameron

14:30 Pickups, Kickers, Beam simulation Pete Cameron

15:00 Coffee

15:15 Tune DAQ and processing                 Pete Cameron

16:00 Moment Monitor                 Pete Cameron


Group Dinner




Thursday, July 25th


Beam-in-Gap PDR

8:30 Overview                                     Pete Cameron

8:45 Kicker and Beam Simulation Pete Cameron

9:00 Loss Monitor DAQ          Dave Gassner

9:25 Processing `              Pete Cameron

9:45 Electrons in the SNS Ring                    Mike Blaskiewicz

10:15 Coffee

10:30 Electron Detectors                 Roger Connolly

11:00 Laser Wire Proposal                   Saeed Assadi


Q&A, committee discussions, closeout