Radiation Camera (1 x 109 rads)

Designed for Operating in
Very High-Level Radiation Environments

The 70RV is a new two-piece camera designed for operation in very high-level radiation environments. The remote head of the camera features new vacuum tube amplifier technology for exposure to extended dose rates. The control unit is equipped with adjustable controls for focus, horizontal shift, vertical shift, and cable compensation up to 300 feet. For multiple camera installations, the 70RV can be configured with a "Camera ID" option to generate a four-digit number superimposed on the video output signal.



Pick-Up Tube Type: 1"Newvicon
Sensitivity: 75nA Tube Signal - 1V Composite
Scanning: 2:1 Interlace, 525 / 60 or 625 / 50
Resolution: Up to 1000 TVL
Vertical Rate: 60 Hz (525 Line) or 50 Hz (625 Line)
Horizontal Rate: <0.9% Inside Center Circle
Geometric Distortion: <2% Overall
<1.0% Horizontal and Vertical
Linearity Distortion: 20 to 1 Illumination Range
Automatic Gain: 90 to 260 VAC, 70 Watts @ 120 VAC
Input Voltage/Power: 12MHz B/W, auto Black and Video Level
Video Amplifier: Gamma correction, White Clipper
1Vpp composite (0.65V video, 0.3V sync)
Video Outputs: 75 Source Terminated, DC Coupled


Size: Control Unit: 8 " (W) x 3 " (H) x 11 " (L)
Head: 3 9/16" (W) x 4 " (H) x 11 " (L)
Lens Mount: 16mm C-mount
Camera Mount: Two " x 20 tapped holes


Ambient Temperature Limits: -20 degree C to +60 degrees C
Full performance 0 to +45 degrees C
Air Pressure Limits: Sea Level to 10,000 ft.
Humidity Limits: 0 to 95% non-condensing
Shock Limits: 5 g's
Vibration Limits: 15 to 55 Hz, 0.15" excursion,
Radiation: 45 min. each axis
1 x 10 to the 9th rads


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