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The Spallation Neutron Source project is a collaboration between six national laboratories of the United states to build a Mega Watt neutrons source driven by a proton accelerator. The complex is going to be build in Oak Ridge (Tennessee) and consists of a full energy (1 Gev) linac, an accumulator ring and a mercury target with several instruments for neutron scattering. Information on the project can be found at

At Brookhaven National Laboratory we work mainly on the accumulator ring and transfer lines diagnostics (HEBT, Ring, RTBT). Some of the systems are SNS-wide ie: the Beam Loss Monitor system and Beam Current Monitor system. In addition our group provides parts of other systems to our partner laboratories. Our group is part or the Collider Accelerator Division that is also in charge of RHIC and the AGS complex.  If you are looking for information on a particular topic you can contact the persons working on it.

Members of the Diagnostics Group at BNL/SNS


Name Affiliation Contact Information
Mike Blaskiewicz, 631-344-7049
Peter Cameron BIG, BPM, Carbon Wire Scanners, Tune, 631-344-7657
Roger C. Connolly IPM, Laser Wire, 631-344-4698
Craig Dawson BPM, 631-344-7678
David M. Gassner BIG, BLM, Video Foil, 631-344-7870
Marty Kesselman BCM ,BPM, 631-344-4962
Chong-Jer Liaw Carbon Wire Scanners, 631-344-3207
Richard Witkover BLM, 631-344-4607

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Last Modified: January 31, 2008

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