29th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop:

Beam Halo Dynamics, Diagnostics, and Collimation (HALO’03)


(in conjunction with 3rd workshop on Beam-beam Interactions)


(First Announcement)



Beam halo is one of the fundamental factors that limit the performance of existing and proposed high-intensity, high-brightness, and high-energy hadron accelerators. Although progress has been made in recent years, physical understanding of halo dynamics is still far from comprehensive, and experimental bench-marking is just beginning. State-of-the-art techniques are required for the detection and diagnosis of the formation and development of beam halo, and technically demanding design and material selection are needed for the scraping and collimation systems. Among accelerators directly facing such challenges are high-intensity rings like the ISIS, the US Spallation Neutron Source (SNS), the Japan Joint project (JKJ), and proposed proton drivers, as well as high-energy colliders like the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC), the Fermilab Tevatron, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), and the proposed lepton linear colliders. It is becoming urgently important to bring together theoretical and experimental physicists and engineers, with expertise on beam dynamics, diagnostics, and collimation design working on both linear and circular accelerators, for focused discussions and investigation of the subject. The HALO’03 workshop is intended to provide such a platform for experts from the fields of accelerator physics, diagnostics, engineering and material science, and to stimulate the process during its preparation.


Workshop organization

We are planning a four-day workshop for the week of May 19–23, 2003 (immediately following the week of 2003 US Particle Accelerator Conference), at the Gurney’s Inn, located at the eastern end of Long Island, New York, approximately 100 km from the Brookhaven National Laboratory. There will be three working groups: halo dynamics (e.g., space charge, magnetic nonlinearities, resonance excitation, beam-beam, intra-beam scattering, instabilities and electron cloud, noise and diffusion processes, analytical and simulation techniques), halo diagnostics (e.g., diagnostics requirements, instrumentation design and performance, machine protection, experimental machine studies), and halo collimation (e.g., lattice design, betatron and momentum collimation design, scraper and collimator design, material tests, machine tests). We expect a non-local attendance of 60-80 people. We intend to publish both the plenary and contributed papers as American Institute of Physics (AIP) Proceedings.


The 3rd Workshop on Beam-beam Interactions will be organized in parallel with the HALO’03 Workshop. This offers the unique opportunity of scientific communication on the role of beam-beam effects in halo formation in the framework of the HALO Workshop. Specific beam-beam topics will be addressed at the Beam-beam Workshop, organized by W. Fischer and F. Pilat (BNL). A single registration fee allows a participant to attend both workshops.


Details of the HALO’03 workshop will appear on the web at


Details of the Beam-beam’03 workshop will appear on the web at



Program Committee

J.M. Brennan (BNL) brennan@bnl.gov

Y. Cai (SLAC) yunhai@slac.stanford.edu *

W. Chou (FNAL) chou@fnal.gov

Y. Fedotov (IHEP) fedotov_yu@mx.ihep.su

W. Fischer (BNL) wfischer@bnl.gov *

M. Furman (LBNL) MAFurman@lbl.edu *

R. Garoby (CERN) roland.garoby@cern.ch

S. Henderson (ORNL) henderson@ornl.gov

W. Herr (CERN) werner.herr@cern.ch *

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N. Mokhov (FNAL) mokhov@fnal.gov

Y. Mori (KEK) yoshiharu.mori@kek.jp

A. Mosnier (CEA) amosnier@cea.fr

C. Prior (RAL) C.R.Prior@rl.ac.uk

T. Roser (BNL) roser@bnl.gov

F. Ruggiero (CERN) francesco.ruggiero@cern.ch

H. Schmickler (CERN) Hermann.Schmickler@cern.ch

T. Sen (FNAL) tsen@fnal.gov *

K. Takayama (KEK) takayama@post.kek.jp

H. Thiessen (LANL) hat@lanl.gov

R. Wanzenberg (DESY) rainer.wanzenberg@desy.de

R. Webber (FNAL) webber@fnal.gov

J. Wei (Chair, BNL) jwei@bnl.gov


International Advisory Committee

R. Baartman (TRIUMF) krab@triumf.ca

W. Barletta (LBNL) WABarletta@lbl.gov

A. Chao (SLAC) achao@SLAC.Stanford.EDU

H. Haseroth (CERN) Helmut.Haseroth@cern.ch

S. Holmes (FNAL) holmes@fnal.gov

N. Holtkamp (ORNL) holtkamp@ornl.gov

R. Macek (LANL) macek@lanl.gov

R. Maier (FZJ) r.maier@fz-juelich.de

H. Okamoto (U. Hiroshima) okamoto@sci.hiroshima-u.ac.jp

C. Pagani (INFN) carlo.pagani@mi.infn.it

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S. LaMontagne stephl@bnl.gov

F. Pilat pilat@bnl.gov *

D. Raparia Raparia@bnl.gov

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J. Wei (Chair) jwei@bnl.gov

D. Zadow zadow@bnl.gov


(*) committee members for the 3rd beam-beam workshop



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