BNL/SNS Control Group Weekly Lunch Meeting

        Upcoming topic:  Introduction of Extraction Kicker Power Supply

                            By  Jian-Lin  Mi

Date Speakers Topics Contents
06-21-2001 Jian-Lin Mi Introduction of Extraction Kicker Power Supply Extraction Kicker Power Supply
6-14-2001 Nuria Catalan Collimation TBA
06-07-2001 Joanna 


Injection painting Injection Painting
05-17-2001 Chien-IH


Injeciton Kicker Magnet

Injection Kicker Magnet

05-10-2001 WuZheng


Magnet Design Magnet Design
04-26-2001 Ioannis Papap Magnet nonlinear Corrector TBA
04-19-2001 C.J. Liaw Beam Position Monitor(mechanical aspect) BPM Overview
04-12-2001 Martin Kesselman Beam Current Monitor Meeting Notes
BCM Overview
04-05-2001 Dick Witkover Beam Loss Monitor Meeting Notes
Beam Loss Monitor System
03-29-2001 Hans


SNS Collimator System

Meeting Notes
Collimators and Scrapers
03-15-2001 Peter Cameron Tune measurement in SNS Ring Meeting Notes
03-08-2001 Deepak Raparia SNS Beam

Transfer Lines

Meeting Notes
Transfer Lines
03-01-2001 Y. Y. Lee Introduction to SNS Ring System Meeting Notes
Ring System
02-22-2001 Joanne Beebe-Wang Application program Requirements  (draft) 01-24-2001 Meeting Notes
Application Program Requirements (Draft) 01-24-2001
02-15-2001 Sheng Peng Power Supply Meeting Notes
02-01-2001 Ping He HEBT Momentum Scraper, H+ Ray Trace Simulation Meeting Notes

HEBT Momentum Scraper, H+ Ray Trace Simulation

01-25-2001 Johnny Tang SNS Warm Linac Vacuum Control System Final Design Review (Trip Report) Meeting Notes
DTL&CCL Vacuum System FDR trip report
01-18-2001 Tom Nepsee Ring Power Supply OPI Meeting Notes
Ring Power Supply OPI
01-11-2001 Johnny Tang Application Development Environment Meeting Notes
ADE for SNS - EPICS meeting 99 
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