LINAC    2002      Title   &   Papers

Linac Energy Manipulation for Longitudinal Phase Space Painting for SNS Ring

Y.Y. Lee, M. Blaskiewicz, A. Fedotov, D. Raparia, J. Beebe-Wang, W.T. Weng, J. Wei

Laser Beam-Profile Monitor Development at BNL for SNS

R. Connolly, P. Cameron, J. Cupolo, C. Dawson, C. Degen, A. Della Penna, D. Gassner, M. Grau, M. Kesselman, S. Peng, R. Sikora

Procedure for Setting up the Transfer Line for the SNS

D. Raparia, Y.Y. Lee, W.T. Weng, J. Wei