Ralph E. Weston, Jr.

Senior Chemist Emeritus

Chemistry Department
Building 555
Brookhaven National Laboratory
P.O. Box 5000
Upton, NY 11973-5000


Gas-Phase Molecular Dynamics

Ralph Weston Jr. Named Senior Chemist Emeritus

Curriculum Vitae


B.S., University of California, Berkeley, 1946
Ph. D., Stanford University, 1949

Professional Employment

Research Associate, Chemistry Department, Harvard University, 1949-51
Associate Chemist, BNL, 9/51-6/55
Chemist, BNL, 7/55-6/57
Chemist with tenure, BNL, 7/57-6/65
Senior Chemist, BNL 7/65-4/94
Assistant Department Chairman, Chemistry Department, BNL, 8/74-3/79
Associate Department Chairman, Chemistry Department, BNL, 4/79-9/81
Acting Department Chairman, Chemistry Department, BNL, 10/81-2/82
Deputy Chairman, Chemistry Department, BNL, 2/82-10/88, 10/89-4/90
Retired, 4/94

Recent Selected Publications

Weston, R.E., Oxygen isotope effects in the oxidation of methane to carbon
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2001. 105(9): p. 1656-1661.

Weston, R.E., When is an isotope effect non-mass dependent? Journal of
Nuclear Science and Technology, 2006. 43(4): p. 295-299.

Weston, R.E. and J.R. Barker, On modeling the pressure-dependent
photoisomerization of trans-stilbene by including slow intramolecular vibrational
energy redistribution
. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2006. 110(25): p.

Barker, J.R. and R.E. Weston, Collisional Energy Transfer Probability Densities
P(E, J; E ' J ') for Monatomics Colliding with Large Molecules.
Journal of
Physical Chemistry A, 2010. 114(39): p. 10619-10633; 116(1): p. 799-799.

Nguyen, T.L., Xue, B. C.,Weston, R. E.,Barker, J. R.,Stanton, J. F.
Reaction of HO with CO: Tunneling Is Indeed Important.
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2012. 3(11): p. 1549-1553.

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