BreakThru Mini-Grant Program
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Community Relations Office
Bldg. 400C - P.O. Box 5000
Upton, NY 11973-5000
(631) 344-2397
(631) 344-4959
E-mail: jmpets@bnl.gov


  • Present well-defined goal(s), objective(s) and expected result(s) for a program that could serve as a model to other community organizations. Highlight any hands-on, inquiry-based, potentially fun and/or especially creative activities.
  • Articulate the programís importance for the youth participants and the community.
  • Submit an estimated budget, showing proposed allocation of grant funds for the BreakThru Mini-Grant amount requested. For each item, include: a brief description of the item, estimated cost, and information describing its proposed use(s). If requesting special equipment, such as computer and multi-media equipment and special software, also include specific details for related training, program integration and maintenance.
  • Describe a specific plan for how the organization would communicate news about receipt of a potential award.
  • Explain how the programís effectiveness will be evaluated, and how results will be reported to the Laboratory and any others.

Important: Organizations receiving an award will be required to submit a written evaluation report to the Laboratoryís Community Relations Office that includes the results of the program and an itemized list of expenditures for the amount of the mini-grant award.

The report must be e-mailed or postmarked no later than one month from the end date of the funding period requested in the application.

The evaluation report may become a factor in considering future grant requests submitted by the organization.

The application period for this year's Mini-Grant Program is closed.

The program was a two-year pilot, and during this time the Lab received several creative proposals designed to promote science, technology, engineering and math for middle school students from diverse communities.

Overall, however, we received fewer applications than we anticipated from organizations competing for the available funds. As a result, the Lab has decided to discontinue the Mini-Grant program. We thank all those who submitted applications, and hope that those who received funding are very successful in their missions to support STEM learning.


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