Proxy Configuration for the BNL Network

FTP Instructions

When Accessed From: Use This Proxy:  Authentication?
The internal BNL network None
An external network not available  

Note: As of the deployment of the NEW FTP proxy servers (gateways) inbound FTP connections are no longer possible. Users are encouraged to use a VPN connection.


When you are at BNL and want to ftp to a computer on the outside...


Command-line Based FTP Clients

  1. Open a DOS command window by selecting <Start><Run>.

    A window should appear like the one shown below.
    Type [cmd] in the field and press <Ok>.

    A DOS command window should appear like the one shown below.

  2. Using the DOS command window above, FTP to [ ftp ] as shown in the example below.

    After the prompt character ">", type - ftp
  3. After the prompt character ":" - User (, type user@site where [user] is the username you want to connect as ("ftp" or "anonymous" for anonymous ftp sites) and [site] is the site that you want to connect to (such as

    User (
  4. Follow the prompts that the remote site will give you for your password. In the case of an anonymous site, it will likely say "Anonymous access allowed, send identity (e-mail name) as password. Password: " Otherwise, you will enter your site password that corresponds to the user.

    Anonymous access allowed, send identity (e-mail name) as password.
    Password: (password maybe hidden while typing)

    If successful you should be greeted by the ftp server stating that you are now logged in.

    230Login successful.
  5. For command help, type [help] at the FTP> prompt. (view example)
  6. To end the FTP session, Enter: [quit] or [bye].

For command help, type [help] at the FTP> prompt.

  • FTP> help [press enter key]

GUI Based FTP Clients

Note: Your FTP client must have proxy/firewall support in order for it to work! Please check with the author of your FTP client if you are unsure. Users of popular Windows clients like WS_FTP Pro should have no problems accessing remote sites through the proxy.

Only the setup for WS_FTP Pro is covered in this document. The configuration for other clients should be similar. Be aware that with some FTP clients, this configuration is done in the "Firewall" section. For the remainder of this document, the terms "Proxy" and "Firewall" are interchangeable.

Using WS_FTP Professional Connection Wizard

  1. From the main window, select the Connection Wizard.


  2. Enter the name of the site you wish to connect with.

  3. Select FTP as the Connection Type.

  4. Enter as the Server Address.

  5. Enter user@site in the User Name field and a password accordingly.  In this example we use and an email address for password (

  6. Verify that the information is correct.  If it is press Finish to connect to the FTP server.

  7. Upon Successful connection, the ftp server folders will appear similar to this example.

  8. That's It!  You will now be able to connect to this site as you normally do.

    - If you have problems, contact the ITD Helpdesk at (631) 344-5522.

Mac Users:
If you are using Mac OSX and have difficulties resolving the name for "" you will have to configure your machine to recognize this as a valid domain. This article from explains how to make the change:

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