Proxy Configuration

Here you will find instructions for using the FTP and Web proxies. Keep in mind that depending on where you access the proxies from (whether you are inside or outside of the BNL network), the process will differ slightly. 

For FTP, you will not be required to enter any passwords to use the proxies while on the BNL network. However, when accessing the proxies from an outside network (e.g. anything not, you will be required to authenticate using a RSA SecurID Token. If you do not already have one of these, please visit the RSA SecurID User Guide for instructions on obtaining one.

Users who are only interested in configuring their web browsers need NOT bother with RSA SecurID, as the web proxies will not be needed when you are outside the BNL network.

ITD has implemented a Transparent Proxy for applications that do not support HTTP/HTTPS proxy configurations. However, all applications should still be configured (automatically detect proxy settings or use wpad) to actively utilize the proxy server whenever possible -- see the instructions below. Applications that do not have this option should operate without issue going forward.

Proxy Configuration Instructions for Internal Network

Proxy Hostname and Port Information

ITD Unix supports a load balanced selection of HTTP proxy servers located at the, port 3128. For specifics on configuring individual web browsers, see the instructions above. Note: If only one field is provided use this format:

  • Mac Users: If you are using Mac OS X and have difficulties resolving the name for you will have to configure your machine to recognize this as a valid domain.

    This article from explains how to make the change:
    Mac OS X 10.3
    Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5

Proxy Configuration Instructions for External (wireless) Visitor Network

Other Software Programs

For most software programs, the proxy auto-configuration script will be sufficient. However, setting your proxy to auto-detect or no proxy will also work since BNL is now running a transparent proxy.

Software programs that need a hard coded proxy web address should use the following:

  • Inside/Outside BNL - IP Address:, Port: 3128

    Note: If only one field is provided use this format:

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