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These instructions will help you setup your new RSA SecurID software token.

Setup Instructions

  1. Open your Blackberry Browser and navigate to

  2. Select [Download] when prompted.

  3. You will be asked if you should grant RSA SecurID Trusted Application status.
      - Please select, [No].

  4. Your RSA SecurID Software is now installed.
      - Please [Open] the application.

  5. You will be presented with the End User Licensing Agreement.
      - Please [Accept] the license.

  6. Once in the Application, press [ALT+SHIFT+H] to bring up the Help screen

  7. Locate and copy down the PIN from this page. The Account Management team will need this to process your Token request (PIN and other variables hidden for security purposes).

  8. Once you give the PIN to the Account Management Team, they will process your token and send you an email with a file attached. Please [Select] the file.

  9. You will then be presented with a menu. Please select [Import SecurID Token].

  10. You will then be prompted for a password that will be provided to you by the Account Management Team. Please [Enter] it now.

  11. Your Token should now be successfully imported.
    Click [OK] to continue.

  12. Congratulations!!
    Your RSA SecurID Token is now installed.
    Please donít forget to set your PIN before using this token.


Please contact the ITD Helpdesk at x5522 (631-344-5522) or send an email to if you have questions, issues or concerns.

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