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Set Pin Using the SSH Gateways

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These instructions will help you setup your new RSA SecurID token. If you have not yet received your token, please obtain one from the Account Management Office before proceeding with this tutorial.

Setup Instructions

Connect to your respective BNL SSH Gateway and follow the steps below.

  1. Enter the [6-Digit tokencode] currently displayed on your RSA SecurID.
  2. Enter [y] to agree to setup your new PIN.
  3. Enter a [4-8 character] PIN of your own choosing.
  4. [Re-enter] that PIN for verification.
  5. Once the PIN is accepted, press [ENTER] to continue.
  6. You will, once again, be asked to enter your ask you to enter your PASSCODE. Your Passcode is the combination of your [PIN + tokencode].

    For Example, if your PIN is [9876] and the current tokencode displayed on your RSA SecurID is [123456], you would enter [9876123456].

    This will be the algorithm used for your passcode from this moment forth. Each tokencode can only be used once and will refresh every 60 seconds. Users can view the 60-second count down timer on the left-side of the token display, see below.

    Your PIN is now set and you should have a successful SSH connection established.

Please contact the ITD Helpdesk at x5522 (631-344-5522) or send an email to if you have questions, issues or concerns.

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