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Position Announcement for Brookhaven National Lab Director

After more than six years as the Director of Brookhaven National Laboratory and more than 11 years in senior management, Sam Aronson announced in February 2012 that he will step down and return to a research position at the Lab as soon as a new Director is in place.  

On behalf of the Brookhaven Science Associates (BSA) Board of Directors, BSA Board Chair Ronald D. Townsend named a 10-member search committee to select the next Director of Brookhaven Lab. The Search Committee is made up of distinguished scientists and laboratory leaders who are well qualified to successfully meet the challenge of conducting this importance search.

The Director’s position is of crucial importance to the U.S. Department of Energy, Brookhaven Lab, and the future of our nation’s scientific research enterprise. Our new Director will build upon Brookhaven’s six decades of outstanding scientific achievement. As we move through the next decade, the new Director will identify new challenges, guide the Lab’s vision, and set the strategic plan to deliver great science for this nation.  

About Brookhaven

Established in 1947 on Long Island, Upton, New York, Brookhaven is a multi-program national laboratory operated by Brookhaven Science Associates for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Seven Nobel Prizes have been awarded for discoveries made at the Lab.

Brookhaven has a staff of approximately 3,000 scientists, engineers, technicians and support staff and over 4,000 guest researchers annually.

Brookhaven National Laboratory's role for the DOE is to produce excellent science and advanced technology with the cooperation, support, and appropriate involvement of our scientific and local communities.

More about Brookhaven's current mission...

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