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Job Description

Laboratory Director, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Brookhaven Science Associates is seeking a nationally recognized science leader with a demonstrated record of high achievement in leading edge scientific research and management to serve as the Director of Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Position Description

The Laboratory Director reports to the Board of Directors of Brookhaven Science Associates and serves as BNL’s primary liaison to the DOE’s Office of Science. The Laboratory Director oversees an annual budget of more than $700 million from the DOE and other governmental agencies. Furthermore, the Laboratory Director leads BNL’s Policy Council, which works to establish strategies that ensure safe and productive pursuit of the Laboratory’s multiple scientific missions and operational excellence.  

The Laboratory Director works closely with the BSA Board and its committees, the National Laboratory Directors’ Council, the DOE, and elected representatives on the local, state, and federal levels to ensure the success of the Lab’s mission and strategy.

Position Specifications

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead the BNL community in formulating and implementing a strategic vision to increase further the value of Brookhaven National Laboratory programs and facilities to DOE missions and our impact on national and regional needs.
  • Lead BNL through significant business challenges, including:
    o   Continued funding challenges in the National Science Program
    o   Identifying and funding programs to sustain the site, including investing in new science facilities and infrastructure upgrades
    o   Attracting, retaining and developing an outstanding workforce capable of leading national science efforts
    o   Continuing to assure that BNL is operating in a cost effective manner. Balancing investment decisions to assure a vibrant future for the laboratory
  • Establish BNL as a leader in operational discipline, a safe workplace and environmental stewardship.
  • Communicate directly with constituencies, including Department of Energy, other appropriate federal and state funding agencies, business and industry, university and research groups, the media, elected officials and their staffs in Washington, D.C., the State of New York, and the northeast region.  
  • Attract, develop, and retain the highest quality scientific and managerial leadership to ensure a future diverse talent pipeline.   Set expectations for institutional priorities, performance and outcomes.  
  • Lead the formulation and implementation of infrastructure improvement strategies.   ·         Engage the BNL community to identify bold new opportunities where the Lab can provide value to DOE and the nation.  
  • Enhance cooperation and collaboration in mutually beneficial ways across BNL and other constituents and stakeholders, including DOE Laboratories, affiliated universities, Stony Brook, Battelle, and regional stakeholders.

Professional and Personal Qualifications

  • Internationally recognized for scientific excellence; demonstrated track record of scientific achievement; strong credentials, including Ph.D. in a relevant field  
  • Demonstrated ability to think strategically, including creating a compelling vision and associated strategy for a complex research organization and gaining commitment to the strategy from internal and external stakeholder  
  • Record of delivering against operational and strategic objectives  
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve of excellence in operations to include safety, security, facility management, financial operations, environmental management, and information systems management  
  • Record of ability to implement strategy, align staff and resources to achieve goals and to build and direct diverse, multi discipline organizations  
  • Record of exceptional leadership and management development and accomplishment, particularly in a DOE National Laboratory or other complex research setting  
  • Strong executive presence, including exceptional communication skills.  Demonstrated ability to motivate and inspire others to action  
  • Outstanding working knowledge of DOE missions, organizations, structures and programs; demonstrated record of obtaining funding from state and federal agencies (e.g., DOE, NIH, NASA, DHS)    
  • Ability to build successful interactions with key constituents, including government and other customers, peers, and business partners  
  • Record of developing industrial relationships for advanced technology development and deployment; working knowledge of industry and commercial practices in advanced research and partnering  
  • National perspective of the rapidly changing research environment and the skills to align BNL accordingly  
  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity, staff and leadership development