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Next-Generation Light Source Development Focused on Deep Ultraviolet Free-Electron Laser


To take advantage of the DUV-FEL’s particular wavelength of intense, coherent, and pulsed light, three Brookhaven scientists, among others, have submitted proposals to use this new source:

  • Physical Chemist Arthur Suits is interested in using the DUV-FEL to perform light-induced dissociation of atoms in hydrocarbons, which will reveal details of their molecular structure and bonding. “The DUV-FEL is really ideal for our experiments,” says Suits. “The information we hope to gain using it would be impossible to obtain by other means.”
  • Physicist Louis DiMauro plans to use the DUV-FEL’s short and highly intense light pulses to study the interaction of matter with intense, short-wavelength light. “This tool will open up many new areas of research in fundamental and applied science,” comments DiMauro.
  • Physical Chemist Michael White intends to use the DUV-FEL to study chemical reactions that occur on the surfaces of materials, for which the product yields are low or where the gaseous products are particularly difficult to detect. Says White, “In the long term, the DUV-FEL will produce very short pulses that, in real time, will provide new information on surface processes.”

For Yu and his collaborators, these proposals show that, as with the development of earlier generations of light sources, many new scientific opportunities for DUV-FEL users from many fields will present themselves as a result of the opportunity to use this latest generation source of light.

“The scientific use of the DUV-FEL will be the best reward for all of us and the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication by the scientists, engineers, and technicians who have worked on this project,” concludes NSLS Associate Chairman for Accelerators James B. Murphy.

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