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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What exactly is EAP?

A. EAP is a prepaid benefit that is provided by BNL to address the stresses involved in everyday living as well as situational family crises which might affect an employee’s productivity on the job. All employees and their household members are eligible to use this service. There are multiple points of access to the EAP. There is a full-time EAP Manager, located in Bldg 490, at the end of the Occupational Medicine Clinic, available on X4567. There is also an external EAP vendor who offers 1-5 free counseling visits to employees and their family members with counselors in their network. You can call them at Magellan Behavioral Health 1-800-327-2182 or view their website.

This is a valuable benefit because some problems can be completely resolved in five visits, with no mental health co-payment involved. To obtain a referral, you can call the EAP Manager at X4567 to explain your area of stress and find out which counselors are accepting new referrals. If more convenient, you can see the EAP Manager onsite by making an appointment. For the community based counselors, this benefit is for 5 free visits per person/per identified problem/per year. It can save you a lot of cash if you work with in-network counselors.

Q. If EAP only offers five visits, why should I bother with it? How much can you accomplish in five visits?

A. EAP’s were never intended to offer long-term counseling . However, they can be used in times of crisis or as a point-of-entry into a counseling relationship by “road-testing” the clinician to see if there is a sense of rapport. By using the services of the onsite EAP Manager, every effort will be made to refer you to a Magellan-network EAP who also participates in your regular insurance plan, should you desire to continue counseling past the prepaid visits.

Q. I think I may have a problem with depression (or alcohol, drugs, etc.) but am not yet ready to see someone to discuss it. Is there anything else I can do?

A. There are many stages to change. You are in “Contemplation” or “Precontemplation.” You can learn more about your problem by visiting and taking one of their 34 self-assessments in their Library collection. You can browse through their Library of articles, located on the bottom of their home page. EAP also offers lunchtime trainings on a variety of topics. If you find that your area of concern has not come up for training, you can suggest it via email to Nancy Losinno.

Q. I don’t feel that I have a mental health problem but I need some help talking me through a difficult work issue I’m faced with. Do you offer coaching?

A. EAP will offer telephonic coaching or email coaching to anyone who self-refers, if there is no job performance or supervisory mandate. Call EAP at X4567 to see if coaching would be effective for your area of concern.

Q. What about confidentiality? What are the limits of confidentiality at EAP?

A. EAP’s services are conducted by a licensed mental health professional who is bound by the state and Federal confidentiality laws. All conversations are kept private, with the following exclusions. If you intend to hurt yourself or another person, EAP as with other mental health providers, has a duty to warn and take appropriate measures to guarantee your safety or the other person’s safety. The second exclusion concerns abuse of children or elders. The confidentiality laws protect the rights of children and elders and EAP has a duty to report such abuse to proper authorities.