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About Magellan

At the Magellan website you can do the following:

  • Review your EAP benefits
  • Take a self-assessment on a variety of topics (alcohol use, eating behavior, stress management, etc.)

There are 34 self-assessments available to explore.

  • Browse a large collection of articles of articles on various topics
  • Find a provider
  • Visit the Work-Life Management section for resources for caring for aging parents, children, etc.
  • Locate legal and financial tools, visit the legal and financial library of relevant topics, arrange for a free legal or financial consultation
  • Take an online training
  • Locate managerial resources
  • Locate information on drug interactions, pill identifiers, etc.

In collaboration with the resources of Magellan Health Services, employees, their spouses, children or other household members are eligible for EAP services for 1-5 free visits per family member per calendar year, per identified problem. For the sake of convenience, as well as for those who are ultra-concerned about confidentiality issues, counseling visits may be arranged via Magellan Health Services to see a Magellan-network counselor in the community. Family members may use this service in the community at their convenience.

Magellan maintains a wide database of experienced clinicians with a wide range of expertise. These providers are fully-credentialed according to the standards of Magellan. When you use a Magellan-network provider for these initial 5 visits, no fees are charged and the provider is paid directly by Magellan. This is a free service whether you are covered by any of the Lab health plans, or you are an employee using health insurance through your spouse’s employer.

To access a Magellan EAP clinician you can call 1-800-327-2182 and say that you are employed by “Brookhaven Science Associates” or you can visit and browse the Magellan website or initiate a referral through the website. It is always best to obtain a confirmed appointment with an EAP in the community first, and then call the 800 number to get an authorization number for the free visits. This must be done before your first appointment, and at the first appointment you give the authorization number to the therapist which is how they get paid.

Another option is to come directly to the EAP office, located in Bldg 490, at the end of the Occupational Medicine Clinic and obtain a referral from our active database of providers who have been identified as accepting new referrals. You can also email the EAP Manager, Nancy Losinno, at for an appointment or information. The phone extension is X4567. EAP also provides screenings on various issues such as sleep, depression, anxiety and provides assessment, short term motivational counseling and referral.