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Nuclear Nonproliferation, Safeguards, and Security

in the 21st Century


Course Outline- Week 3

New Threats, New Approaches

New threats began emerging in the 1990s. The NPT was jolted by clandestine programs in Iraq and North Korea and then Libya and Iran. Globalization of technology provided new sources of supply for clandestine networks. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War weakened political constraints, and failing states and emerging states with weak infrastructures have meant that domestic controls on dangerous materials were inadequate. Illicit trafficking burgeoned, and a significant terrorist threat became evident. However, the strategic threat continued to abate, and new initiatives began.

Topics include:

  • Nonproliferation and counterproliferation
  • New proliferation threats
  • Khan's Network
  • Terrorism, UNSC Resolution 1540
  • Special arrangements - Cooperative Threat Reduction, Material Protection, Control and Accounting
  • Securing the bomb
  • The Prague agenda
  • Role of intelligence
  • Radiological threats
  • Tutorial - demonstrations on detecting nuclear & other radioactive materials


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