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 Allan Cohen.

Allan Cohen

Allan Cohen is the Office Managing Partner in Long Island. He represents a variety of companies, ranging from large public entities engaging in mergers and acquisitions, to mid-sized closely held and family-owned business, to technology-based startups organizing new business ventures and raising capital.

What do you focus on?
I focus on maintaining a general business law practice, adept at handling my clients’ varied business needs and providing the type of outside counsel that businesses would expect from an in-house general counsel. More...

Suzanne Cruse, Esq.

Suzanne Cruse, Esq.

Suzanne Cruse is a senior executive with cross functional international experience in manufacturing, marketing and distributing food products. As Vice President and General Counsel of Kozy Shack Enterprises Inc., Ms. Cruse worked across all business units and evaluated risk to establish best practices that reduced and facilitated better risk management. She implemented a contract management system that reduced litigation, compensation disputes and vendor claims. This process significantly improved stakeholder engagement in deal terms. More...



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Last Modified: August 27, 2014